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These is how to Revamp your wardrobe and doing away with the other stuffs

To revamp your wardrobe is not a big a deal as you might think. Read this to figure it out.

These is how to Revamp your wardrobe and doing away with the other stuffs

I know that some of you might think that this topic is superficial, but if you really think about it, we all have to get dressed. If you actually put some thought and organization into this daily task, you can completely revamp your style and wardrobe.

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  • FIRST AND FOREMOST TAKE OUT ALL THE CLOTHES: Now, go through every single piece in your closet and ask yourself the following questions:
    1. Does this still fit me (In style and size)?
    2. Is this age-appropriate?
    3. Is this my true style?
    4. Do I love this?
    5. Do I wear this?

    If any piece of clothing doesn’t pass these 5 question test, then you should get rid of it.

  • STORE THE CLOTHES THAT AREN’T SEASONALLY APPROPRIATE: You know how seasons determine the clothes to wear or not to wear. Well if there is a piece that cannot be worn in a certain season and it is hanging in your coset, that is called visual clutter. You need to Put off-season clothing out of sight.
  • BEGIN TO BUILD YOUR WARDROBE WITH CORE 10 ITEMS FOCUSING ON WHAT YOU HAVE LEFT: You should choose versatile, well-made clothes that you can wear in constant rotation. A sample of women’s wardrobe should contain 1 pair of leggings, 2 pairs of jeans, 3 dresses, and 4 blouses.
  • ADD THE EXTRAS: Now you should round out your wardrobe with t-shirts, sweaters, outerwear, special occasion wear, and accessories. Know that these items don’t count towards your initially ten pieces.
  • KEEP THE CAPSULE WARDROBE MINDSET: The fashion police won’t arrest you if you have more than 10 core pieces so don’t get me wrong as regards that. It’s okay to end up with 15, or 20 because the true goal is to get your wardrobe down to a reasonable size seeing as revamping your wardrobe is what the focus is.
  • FOCUSING ON YOUR 10 ITEMS: When your ten-piece wardrobe is in place, you’ll be able to pick out what to wear with what you have. Your mornings will be simplified and your outing outfits more honed in on your true style. You won’t be prone to impulse buys, because you’ll have what you need and you’ll already know what you have.

You can be less into a certain number of items, and more into being a good steward of what you already have, by only keeping what you love and wear and being picky about what is added in, but the idea is still don’t allow your closet to be overwhelmed by STUFF.



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