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These is how to have fun all by yourself without stepping out of your comfort zone

You do not have to leave your house to have fun. Read this post to find out.

If you are Introvert or even Ambiver, this post is especially for you. We know going out and meeting other people is not your favourite thing in the world to do and you’ll most likely prefer to be indoors and find ways to have fun. Lie I said, this post is for you.

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Alone time or “me-time” is super important when it comes to self-care and a lot of people don’t have or know what to do with their alone time.

  • Do your favourite hobby: You should have a hobby as a human being o. You cannot tell me you do not have a hobby. Find something that relaxes you and do it for at least half an hour.
  • Take some selfies: I know selfies are generally an “every now and then” thing but there’s nothing wrong with getting all dressed up and taking a few pictures of yourself and then taking the time to edit and upload.
  • Take a nap: You will not realise how sleep-starved you are until you decide to shut your eyes for a 15-minute nap and wake up 3 hours later. You should recharge your batteries enough to make you feel energized.
  • Netflix and Chill: Whether it is Netflix gan gan or not, grab a snack and binge-watch your favourite shows or movies. You cannot come and kill yourself.
  • Create a vision board on Pinterest: If you are not on Pinterest or you do not even know what that is, I am here to inform you that you have been sleeping on a broken bicycle. You can pin everything that resonates with you and the life you want to live.
  • Watch funny videos on YouTube as this is sure to help you relax and even lift your mood. You can look for new channels to follow.
  • Write a gratitude list: What this does is take you out of any gloomy place you might be tempted to hide your head. Think of a list of at least 10 things that you’re thankful for and write them down.
  • Pamper yourself: You deserve a treat for all the days you’ve been on your feet so give yourself a mani/pedi, make yourself a face mask, give yourself a hair treatment or whatever relaxes you.
  • Exercise your brain: It is okay to relax by exercising your brain. Stop rolling your eyes, it is doable. You can try a Sudoku puzzle, a crossword puzzle, or some other activity to give your brain a workout.


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