These Cartoons Will Rip Your Heart Out and Make You Cry

Have you ever watched a cartoon that tore your heart out due to a particular moment or scene? If you haven’t, then you should watch any of the cartoons enlisted below:

  1. Rugrats – “Mother’s Day”

For the first time in several episodes of Rugrats, Chuckie’s mom is curiously missing. It turns out that Chuckie’s mom died, but she left a poem she penned for her beloved son.

The poem is very emotional and enough to moisten everyone’s eyes. It also demonstrates how Rugrats can be unexpectedly soulful.


  1. Futurama- “Jurassic Bark”


This cartoon depicts a canine loyalty on television. Fry, after spending a thousand years in a cryogenic freeze, tragically reconnects with a clone of Seymour. In his days at Panucci’s Pizza, he befriended Seymour, the mutt.

The emotional episode reveals that original Seymour spent more than a decade waiting for the return of Fry, and he eventually expires on the sidewalk in front of Panucci’s.


  1. Peanuts- “Why, Charlie Brown, Why?”

The character, Charlie Brown, is depressing for children to be into. This particular episode is brutal. Charlie Brown and Linus are friends to a girl who has cancer. The girl gets bullied by a kid because of her lack of hair.


  1. Pokemon- “Bye Bye, Butterfree”

This particular episode shows how Ash discovers that it is Buterfree mating season. He allows the Butterfree to go and find a mate but watches him get rejected a number of times.


  1. SpongeBob Square Pants- “Gary Come Home”

After forgetting to feed his pet snail for a week, SpongeBob finds out that it has run away. SpongeBob spends the rest of the episode looking for his pet snail, while others try to assist and cheer him up.

This touches losing something or someone that you cherish so much.



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