These Awesome Skills are What a Good Leader in Nigeria Should Possess

It’s very essential to have these leadership skills


A leader brings together a group of individuals and gives them a direction, motivations, and support. An organization with a great leader is one which you should take great notice. A leader is perhaps the most valuable asset any team can possess.


A leader must be able to bring together a group of individuals and gives them motivations, direction and support. Acquiring leadership skills, however, requires great insight into human nature, and that takes practice.

The following are seven steps to enhance your leadership skills:

  • Enhance Skills You Already Possess


Leadership skills aren’t acquired at birth, but chances are you acquired some of these skills over time. Think back to the time when you complimented somebody for their hard work leading to them feeling appreciated and motivating them to do better work – that is leadership. Recognize the skills you already possess, and improve other skill sets over time.

  • Set Goals


Decide what you want to achieve and set goals for yourself in order to achieve that goal. Be clear about your objective and make sure you put yourself back on track should you stray from your path.

  • Take Action


Now that you’ve decided to enhance your leadership skills take action! Put in the work needed to enhance your skills and patiently wait for the results. You cannot achieve anything if you don’t put in the work required to achieve it.

  • Risk Failure


If you truly you want change, you must be willing to risk more failure. You can never change yourself if you stay in your comfort zone. Success isn’t a direct road; it is laden with obstacles and hurdles. You must be willing to accept the difficulties and strive towards your goals no matter what. Even if you happen to fail, you must accept it as part of the process and gather yourself so you can strike again.

  • Stay Motivated


In order to excel, you must keep yourself motivated. Do not lose sight of why you want to achieve. A good leader should be able to stay motivated even in the most critical situations.

  • Listen Attentively


Active listening is a skill that you must develop over time. Leaders take a genuine interest in what their employees have to say. People look up to and put their trust in those who are genuinely interested in what they have to say, and leaders must recognize this fact.

  • Think Unconventionally


It is important to be rational and weigh the outcomes prudently, but it is equally important to think unconventionally and open your mind to new perspectives. Perspectives open doors that cannot be opened by a conventional approach.

Above all, keep in mind that the job of a leader isn’t to patronize over those who look to them for guidance or consider these people ‘pawns’ to achieve success. The job of a leader is to create and nurture a team that is ready to tackle anything.



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