These are Ways to Turn Your Friendship into a Relationship

Being in the ‘friendship zone’ is a situation we all hate to be. It is difficult to remain friends with someone you want a relationship with.

How do you then break the curse and turn your friendship into a relationship? Below are seven rules to apply!

Rule 1- Spend more time together

Spending time with other friends will not give her the chance to know you better in a ‘relationship’ kind of way. You will only get closer as a group; with your other friends.

Try to invite her for lunch, go jogging with her, and take a walk with her in the evening. That way, she’ll get to know you differently.

Rule 2- Be a good listener

Ensure that you’re there for her by being a great listener. Display your love and support for her by being more than just a friend. Show her that she means a lot to you.

Rule 3- Make her feel special

We all like those who make us feel special, don’t we? A great way to break the ‘friendzone’ is by making her know how much she means to you.

This is more than buying gifts and sending cute messages. Make her feel happy and special!

Rule 3- Flirt      

Flirting is an ideal way to leave the ‘friendzone’, but it has to be in a subtle way. When you flirt, it shows that you want more from the relationship than being friends.

Rule 4- Build a deep connection

Taking her out and spending time with her without having a connection will bring no useful result. You ought to find a connection between the two of you.

What qualities do you both have in common? Build a strong connection that will make you feel that your lives are bound together.

Rule 5- There should be no pressure

I’m sure you hate pressure as much as she does, so do not make her feel that way. Do not give her the impression that will make her feel pressured. This will only create a distance between the two of you, and it can also affect your friendship.

Rule 6- Be patient

Yes, we all know it can be frustrating when we don’t get the result we want at a particular point in time, but we just have to be patient.

To seek real feelings, you just have to wait and be prepared for rejections.

Rule 7- Confess

Confessing how you feel takes boldness and courage but it will get to the point where you will need to confess or move on.

If you feel you can be together, take the bold step and express your feelings. If your friendship is sincere, confessing your feelings shouldn’t ruin it.


I hope these rules will make you find the love you deserve!




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