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These are the things you must do, see and eat if you ever find yourself in Naija

This post is for people visiting Nigeria soon and are wondering what they could do

This post is not for Nigerians because we all must have done one or two things on this list. This post is for people(popularly known as the IJGBs) coming to visit us from the abroad at the end of this month or early December.

If you have lived in this country for over 2 years, we do not consider you anything less than full-blooded okay?

  • PARTY LIKE A NIGERIAN: We refuse to allow you come here and be forming for us o. Dear Sir and Ma you will party until you drop because  Nigerians love a good party.  The typical Nigerian party involves a crowd of people, lots of food drinks and a live band singing traditional and Western music. Make sure you wait and see the highlight which is the ‘spraying of money’ which is when people dance and money is placed on their foreheads and bodies by their friends as they all dance.
  • GO TO A BEACH: The best state to view glorious beaches is Lagos which is the commercial capital of the country, and is located in south-western Nigeria.  There are different public and private beaches to choose from in this city, ask google or around and head for the one you favour most.  For the sake of your skin, please apply sunscreen in large amounts, Naija is a tropical country.
  • OBUDU CATTLE RANCH: Obudu Cattle Ranch is considered one of the to-go places to visit in Nigeria. It is known to be a calm spot in the hills of Cross River state in the eastern part of the country.  There is also a resort at the ranch.
  • SUYA: What is your visit without the popular evening snack eh? Originating from the Northern part of Nigeria, suya is a snack enjoyed throughout the country.  It is a thinly-sliced, peppery beef kebab usually served with sliced onions and tomatoes, cabbage and enjoyed with a glass of anything you fancy including cold beer.
  • PEPPER SOUP: Whatever the Chinese restaurants give you as spicy cannot be compared to the spiciness of the Naija pepper soup. As the name implies, it is pepper and broth and it contains beef, chicken or fish pieces and is spiced with pepper and other ingredients.  Pepper soup is often enjoyed in the evening with some beer if you are in Lagos or eaten with Rice or Yam.
  • LIVING CHEAP IN NIGERIA: Although there are several large hotel chains in Naija that consider themselves 5 stars, it’s better and cheaper to stay in an Airbnb as it is usually more affordable than most hotels.



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