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These are the signs you’ll see if your relationship is coming to an end

Not all relationships are meant to last. This might be signs you need to to know if yours is among them


Nobody prays for a broken relationship especially if they are truly head over heels in love. But life is funny and bad things happen whether or not you are expecting them. This is applicable to relationships too.

People have been known to cook up different stories and reasons why they are ending a relationship and we have tried to gather the popular or common ones. Not every relationship that is about to end takes the route listed below but you should watch out for them just in case.

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  • Poor Communication: When the rate of calling, texting and chatting reduces considerably, this is a sign that things are going south. We all know that good communication is the bedrock of any relationship when that begins to crumble, it says a lot about where the relationship is headed.
  • Giving excuses: If you realise your partner has an excuse for every request you make, you should have an intervention quickly. I am not saying your partner should be at your every beck and call but if you notice that things have changed and you are getting more excuses, then you should talk about it.
  • Lack of respect: To be in a relationship means there is a high level of respect between you two. If you notice that respect in the most little form is dwindling or there seems to be none presently, it might be an indication that the relationship is heading for the rocks.
  • Lack of Attention: Giving attention is one of the most important aspects of a relationship especially for the female folks. If your babe, lover or wife does not receive enough attention or the attention she thinks she deserves, there will be problems. A lack of attention is one of the insects that eat into the fibres f any relationship.
  • Lying and Cheating: These two might take a walk separately in some situations but more often than not, they have been known to go hand in hand. If you realize that your partner is lying to you as regards nearly everything, it is safe to say that the relationship is going to kick the bucket. If your partner cheated or is cheating on you, it means they don’t hold the relationship in high regard.
  • My Pastor Said: I have heard different scenarios were Pastors, Imams or Spiritual heads were the reasons for a breakup. Some people take their words highly and act on them. So do not be surprised if this is said to you as a reason for pulling the breaks on a relationship.


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