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These are the little ways you ruin your outfit and you do not even notice it

Simple problems require simple fixes. Read this post

These are the little ways you ruin your outfit and you do not even notice it

Your entire outfit might be ruined just for very simple or basic reasons. Sometimes it’s forgetting to remove the label or not ironing whatever it is you are wearing. It is in the little ays that the broth is spoiled anyways.

So let’s dig in and see if you have ever been a partaker of any of the reasons listed below.

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  • You still have the designer tag on your sleeve cuff: You know that jacket or suit you bought last month, you remember that little tag sewn to the outside of one of the cuffs that has the designer’s name? Yes, that one. You are not supposed to leave on. That garment has a tag on the sleeve so the people making, packaging, shipping and displaying these can keep everything organized. It is not a part of the clothing
    SOLUTION: You guessed it already. Cut that thing off. Leaving it on is like leaving the price tag hanging out the back of your shirt or dress.
  • Too. Many. Wrinkles: Wrinkles are here to stay if we are been honest with ourselves. But it also stamps the fact that they make you look untidy and disorganized and makes you look lazy. Sorry but not Sorry.
    SOLUTION: If Ironing your outfit when you want to wear them is a hassle, just hang and fold your clothes with better care to prevent wrinkles in the first place.
  •  Are the flaps on the back of your jacket still sewn together: Check your jacket or blazers, do you see those little thread Xs on the backs? Yup, it is not a design detail. They are there to prevent the garment from getting an ugly crease during the lengthy and unpredictable journey from the factory to retail to your closet.
    SOLUTION: Just cut them out. Shikena
  • You lost the heel pad on the bottom of your shoe: You know the the rubber sole on the bottom of your heel has worn out, or it one day disappeared as you got home. Instead of you to fix it, you allow the heel to become a sort of sound cave that echoes and amplifies your every step and then you are wondering why the extra attention and why everyone is staring at your shoes.
    SOLUTION: Take your heels to a shoe repair shop and have them fit in new heel pads. If you can still find the one that removed, give a shoemaker so that people can hear word when you are passing.
  • Your hang loops are showing: Do you know those rope-like things on the side of your dress, they are called hang loops and when we see them out, it’s distracting and it looks sloppy.
    SOLUTION: Cut them out because we are Nigerians and we don’t hang our outfit like that here. Abi?


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