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These are skills every man should have just because you never know when it will come in handy

This post will be of great help to you guys

You know how you are always saying it is a man’s world and wanting to be in the forefront, handling and navigating all the affairs of women and the entire creation.


Add these skills to the list of things you also need to have because you do not know when you will need to showcase it.

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  • Money Management: We get that you have covered your monthly internet service, Netflix subscription, paid the NEPA bill, sent allowances to those who you send to and you have some change left over for some snacks — This is good. However, in order to move forward in your life, you have to plan for the future. Abi do you want to live in the present forever?

  • Clean Properly: Leaving your mark on the world as a man does not imply literally leaving your stuff every and anywhere. You should be schooled in the importance of cleaning properly and the best way to start is by propelling yourself into adulthood and buying a good quality mop.

  • The Art of Conversation: Knowing how to hold a conversation can be the difference between being remembered as ‘cool guy’ versus that yeye man.’ Whether you believe it or not, women prefer men that are interesting 90% of the time.

  • Performing First Aid: I know you think it is a woman’s job to nurture and care but trust me, it will not reduce you if you know something along those lines. Whether it is treating an accident victim for shock or setting a broken limb, knowing how to perform first aid is a fantastic skill to have for any man. You might end up saving a life.
  • Perform a Massage: This one is like jara because I expect you to know this. I mean. There is more to this manliness of a thing than just doing the tough things. Sometimes, adopt the finer, easier side of life, such as giving a massage.

  • Ability to Diffuse Conflict: You cannot be in the middle of an argument or the starter of one every time. A real man will always try tact and stern persuasion to calm down any situation that is leading to violence. Knowing how to simmer tempers down or break up a fight makes you a leader.

  • Interact With Children: Remember that cool uncle of yours or that one that always taught you something that you didn’t already know? The reason you remember him so fondly is because he knew how to connect with you when you were a kid. Now it is your own turn to be the cool Uncle. Don’t slack my guy


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