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These Are Proven Ways to help you minimize jet lag when you travel. The first one works perfectly.

You can minimize jelag by following these simple before and after tips.

6 Travel Mistakes to Definitely Avoid

Dealing with your jet lag is figuring out what works for you so try some or all of these suggestions and determine what strategies will keep you from feeling like the walking dead during and after your trip.

Prepare to Beat Jet Lag

  • The day before you travel, get plenty of sleep, eat well and avoid situations where you some form of infection up.
  • Consider moving your bedtime one hour each day for a few days to prepare for the earlier or later wake up time at your destination.
  • Eat Carbohydrates. A new study shows that the release of insulin may help with re-establishing your internal clock so it is advisable that you at a carb-heavy dinner when travelling eastward and a carb-heavy breakfast when heading westward.
  • Don’t stay up late the night before your flight. Starting out with a deficit is a terrible idea when you are about to travel.
  • Make sure you pack well in advance and are not stressed out due to packing before you travel.
  • Don’t sleep on the plane unless it coincides with your bedtime back at home. If you must sleep, keep it to a short nap early on in the flight.

While At Your Destination

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  • When you arrive, avoid the temptation to take a little nap, unless it’s before noon. If you arrive afternoon, it’s best to get right into your itinerary. When you’re sleep-deprived, it’s tempting to take a nap, but even a short nap can disrupt your ability to acclimate to the new time, and usually, your body can’t take a short catnap when it’s that tired.
  • Stay up until a reasonable bedtime. If you can only make it until 8 pm, that’s fine but it’s better to stay up as late as you can than napping and ruining your sleep cycle.
  • Drink plenty of water. Although this is one of the hardest to follow but to avoid jet lag it’s important to stay hydrated, so buy a couple of large bottles and drink up.
  • Get plenty of daytime light and sun as they can help diminish the feeling of being tired and weary, so get outside as much as possible.
  • You need to stay as active as possible to keep blood flowing. Activities like sitting down to watch TV is not a great idea, you need to get out and walk or do something stimulating.

If you do your best to follow the suggestions laid out above, you’ll definitely be on the right path to preventing jet lag like a professional traveller.


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