These are Different Kinds of Cheaters You Will Find in Relationships!


In recent times, finding love can be as difficult as searching for a pin in an ocean. We are left with no choice but to experience several types of lovers.

There are lovers who are faithful and display love and affection to only us, and we have those who share their love with everyone!

We are talking about the cheaters; the ones that are not contented with their lovers. This is why we have put together several kinds of cheaters you can find.

  1. The Looker

He is sure to look at every lady that walk past him. He is interested in anything in a skirt. He has a special talent for staring at ladies and examining their body features.

The looker is usually harmless because men love to look and appreciate women’s appearances. However, if this happens too frequently, you might have to talk to him.

  1. The Ladies Man

The ladies man is always chatting with someone. He is flirtatious in nature and would complement all your friends. He smiles a lot and knows how to make a woman feel appreciated. This is the reason you fell for his charm.

You should know a ladies’ man still loves you even though he likes to chat ladies up. But if he doesn’t, then it’s time to walk away!

  1. The Texter

A texter is always with his phone. His phone is locked and you cannot gain access to it because he doesn’t want you to read his chats with other ladies. The worse part of it all is that he is usually slow to reply to your texts.

If Mr. Texter won’t show you his phone, you need to break off the relationship.

  1. The Porn Addict

Mr. Porn Addict isn’t really cheating on you but watching porn is his daily habit. Some people see this as not being harmful but if you find this uncomfortable, then it’s time to discuss this with him.

  1. The Pretender

You’re dating him but he still pretends to be single! He lies to ladies that he isn’t taken but you’re actually in a relationship with him.

Maybe it’s time to make him the single man he wants to become!


Know the kind of cheaters you should forgive and those you should walk away from. Some of them are not really worth your time!


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