These are 7 Signs That Shows You Have a Bad Fashion Taste

Do you have doubt on your sense of fashion every time you look into the mirror? Are you uncertain about whatever your appearance is suitable and appropriate?

These are key indicators that you have a bad dressing sense.


  1. Your closet is literally filled with clothing that you don’t wear

A person who has a great taste for fashion can easily put together a wardrobe by using very few clothing items. This is because they invest in high quality clothing and they know when it’s time to get rid of outfits that do not fit their style anymore.

If you stock clothes after clothes in hopes that you will eventually figure out how to wear them, then you have a bad fashion sense.


  1. Your clothing fits poorly all the time

The most obvious sign that shows if you can dress or not is how your clothing fits you. A fashionable person knows what kind of clothes work for their body type. If you can’t find the perfect clothing that will fit your body figure, you have a bad taste.


  1. You don’t accessorize

Not accessorizing your outfit will be one of the worst fashion mistakes you will make as a woman.

Accessories make your outfit. The rings, necklaces, hats, chokers and ties make your outfit yours. They compliment your look and give you a complete appearance.

Not accessorizing will make your outfit look incomplete, ‘off’ and drab. So if you don’t know how to accessorize, you don’t know how to dress!

  1. Wear clothing that’s uncomfortable

You can’t look your best if your clothing is uncomfortable. Wearing an outfit that doesn’t match with your sense of style and personality will make you less confident.

A person with a bad fashion sense will force themselves to wear things they don’t really like to prove that they can look good. The best outfits are the ones that will make you feel very comfortable.


  1. You don’t wear clothing that’s actually well-kept

A real fashionista will care for their outfits and modify or throw away clothes that are no longer wearable.

People with poor fashion sense won’t toss bad clothes out but still wear them because they don’t know how to put together an outfit.


  1. You try to dress to over-impress

A sign of a person having a bad taste for fashion is trying to dress to ‘overkill.’ They try to do everything in trend just to impress people. They’ll add bright makeup and tons of bangles just to prove that they’re fashionable, but they’re not!


  1. You are afraid to break the rules

A way to figure out who doesn’t know how to dress is to notice how they strictly adhere to the commonly accepted fashion rules. Fashion is about you and how you can experiment with your outfits. If you are afraid to break the rules, you don’t have a great taste for fashion.



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