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These are 7 fashion mistakes that everyone of us still makes from time to time

Fashion mistakes that everyone makes from time to time.

These are 7 fashion mistakes that everyone of us still makes from time to time

Choosing the wrong outfit can spoil whatever hard work you are going through to have a perfect body or whatever amount of slay you sincerely hope to achieve. Choosing the right clothes can also help to hide whatever imperfections that is easy to hide.

This post is a selection of highly effective tips to help you look healthier in a few minutes, all by selecting the right thing to wear.

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  • Clothes that have a large checkered pattern can ruin your figure completely. Even though they look stylish, they give the impression that you’re several inches wider at the hips. Unless, of course, that is your goal. If you are a real fan of checkered designs and your goal is not to have wide hips, select items with small rather than large squares.
  • Horizontal prints usually make it look like you have a larger figure than you really do. If you are trying to avoid that, all you need to do is change their direction: vertical stripes achieve the opposite, making you look taller and slimmer.
  • Too many decorations on your clothes add at least a couple of sizes to your appearance. Try to go for items of clothing with a minimum amount of ruffles, folds, frills and decorations, such as a zip-up skirt which will elongate your figure or vertically striped clothing.
  • Large prints make you look heavier and wider, while sandals with long laces going up your legs make you appear shorter. This is, of course, acceptable dressing for the beach and leisure hangouts so don’t get us wrong but on the other hand, a sharp neckline and a slit in your skirt can make you look taller.
  • A boat neckline on a dress can give the impression that you’re a lot heavier than you really are, but a V-shaped neckline with a little cleavage showing can make you look truly elegant. If you pay attention to the two, you will see how much wider the waist will appear in the second dress.
  • The only thing worse than plain horizontal stripes on your clothing is wide and bright horizontal stripes. A dress with a single colour and a tiny print will emphasize your best features and make you look much slimmer.
  • Bright colours make you look larger to a much greater extent than more subtle tones do.  Black usually makes someone look slimmer as long as there is not a lot of design to ruin the effect.
  • There is a perfect cut for every body type when it comes to Jeans. Go a size smaller than is comfortable in the store because the jeans will stretch after a couple of washes.


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