These 8 things would have been different if the earth was flat.

Over the years, there are a wide number of people who have publicly stated that the Earth is flat. The pictures of the Earth from space? Fake The Moon landings? Hoax The curvature of our planet? Just a mere optical illusion. This group of people has a conspiracy theory to any logical argument you put on the table. Well, this may seem silly but I won’t call them flatheads.

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So lets for a moment just assume they are correct and let’s pretend we are living on a flat planet. Well, scientists actually have a pretty decent idea of how things would turn out to be if we lived on a flat earth. if the Earth was flat, it would be a totally different place.

1). Gravity would drag us to North

Gravity does not drag us down; it drags us toward the middle of the Earth. That is the reason why we don’t fall off our planet – because gravity is pulling everything right into the center. But on a flat planet, gravity will not work the same way. A flat earth would be long and thin, with that in mind, gravity will constantly drag everyone to the North pole.

2). Everybody would be fried

The Earth is shielded from cosmic flares and solar radiation by a magnetic field, and this is only possible because the earth is spherical – it rotates. But if our Earth for whatever reason stops rotating, that field will not exist and our Earth would be a very hot place to live in because the Earth Ozone layer and atmosphere would get dried up until it fades out totally. In addition, our earth would be vulnerable to Meteors and asteroids.

3). There will be no navigation

If the Earth was indeed flat, all compass would stop working and Birds who use the magnetic field of the Earth to navigate would be totally confused because they won’t be able to know which direction to go while flying. Sailors would be lost on the sea too.

4). The tectonic plates wouldn’t move

The Earth tectonic plates are not shaped like puzzle pieces, they are curved to only work on around planet. If the earth was flat, the tectonic plate would stop moving which would mean there would be no valleys or mountains. The whole earth would have been swallowed by water because there would be no ocean too.

5). There Would be no seasons

We have seasons because our spherical earth tilts on its axis, but if the earth was flat, the tilting would stop working. This means the whole planet would be in one season for eternity.

6). There Would Be No Rain

Due to the rotation of our spherical planet, winds and ocean currents move from east to west. If the Earth stopped rotating, those winds will only be to the north and south which simply means we want to see a single drop of rain.

7). We would be able to see very far away

The curvy nature of the earth is the sole reason we can’t see things far away. On a flat earth, we would have been able to see things pretty far far away.

8). The Sun Would Crash Into The Earth

According to the flat Earthers, the planet is not rotating, it is just in one position under the sun. If actually, the earth was like that, it will only take a matter of months before the sun will come crashing into it and you know what that means- the death of every living thing on earth.


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