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These 8 More Survival Tips Should Come in Handy If You Need to Save Your Life in Emergency Situations

These 8 More Survival Tips Should Come in Handy If You Need to Save Your Life in an Emergency Situations

You never know when you might find yourself in an emergency situation that will require you to take a crucial decision. In such situations, you have to act fast to make sure that you come out safe from that situation.

That’s why it is always good to be armed with survival skills you can always apply in case you ever find yourself in emergency situations. In a previous post (see it here), we covered some of these tips.

Here are more you should know about just in case the unpredictable happens

Do not drive when you’re tired

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Dozing while at the wheel leads to car accidents that have the highest fatality rate of any kind. If you’re on a long road trip and you feel sleepy, then you should take a break so you can get some sleep.

If you’re having a nose bleed, lean forward slightly with your head tilted forward

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This will ensure the blood does not flow backwards into your sinuses or lungs. Also, pinch all the soft parts of the nose between your thumb and index fingers and hold the nose for about five minutes. Do this repeatedly until you notice the bleeding has stopped.

If you’re feeling unusually thirsty/hungry for some days, then get to the doctor immediately 

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This might be an early sign of diabetes.

What do you scream when you find yourself in trouble? 

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In cases where you find yourself in trouble, always scream “HELP, FIRE!” People tend to respond when they hear fire than “rape”, “kidnappers”, or “thief”.

Always inform people of your whereabouts 

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Keep this tip in mind because it might just save your life one day. Never be caught in a situation where no one knows where you are or where you’re going. Even if the journey seems harmless or you’re going out with someone you know (sometimes it is people you trust that set you up), try to inform one or two people of your whereabouts. This will increase the chance of them finding you in case anything happens to you.

If your kids are old enough to leave the house, have them memorise your phone number and address 

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Make sure you tell them that this info is a family secret.

Obtain water from trees if in a wilderness situation 

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If you’re in a situation where you have no access to water, you can collect water from the branches from trees. This kind of water is clean and does not require any filtering. You can obtain water by tying a plastic bag over a branch with many leaves so that all leaves are completely covered. Collect the water in the bag after sunset.

It is a bad idea to suck out venom from a snake bite 

While we’re used to seeing this in the movies, this might be a bad idea in real life. Sucking venom from a snake bit can be dangerous because it can help the venom spread and damage the skin around the bite.

What do you do if you think someone/car behind is following you?

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In a situation like this, take four right consecutive turns. If they are still behind you, then they are following you.

If ever come across a bear, remember this small poem: If it’s brown, lay down. If its black, go back. If its white, good night.

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Which of these survival tips do you find most helpful? Tell us in the comment section below.


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