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These 7 Facts Show The Ocean Is A Scarier Place Than Space

These 7 Facts Show The Ocean Is A Scarier Place Than Space

Space may be one of the most mysterious of the universe. But what about the ocean? Well, scientists have been able to explore a significant amount of space but as shocking as it may sound, they’ve still not been able to explore most of the ocean.

On top of that, the ocean is full of terrifying monsters, mysterious natural forces, and even black holes. Yeah, space is not the only place where black holes are found.

So, if you want really see how terrifying the ocean really is read on.

The ocean is home to various terrifying creatures 

As funny as it sounds, many creatures found in the ocean are much more terrifying than any creature in the jungle. From the fangtooth to the goblin shark to the frilled shark, scientists keep discovering horrifying creatures. Just 12 years ago, the largest colossal squid ever discovered was found in the ocean. Imagine what new monster we would discover in the next 12 years.

The ocean is full of black holes 

If you thought space was the only place you could find black holes, think again. Our ocean is full of eddies similar to the black holes in space. This means nothing in their path can escape. That’s not all! The black holes in the ocean are also extremely massive, with some measuring up to 93 miles in diameter.


When most people think about the most dangerous creatures in the ocean, their minds immediately go to sharks. But what about Jellyfish? The ocean is home to millions of jellyfish and a large percentage of them are poisonous. Asides from their venom, they are also able stay undetected underwater. In fact, jellyfish kill 5 times more people than sharks.

It’s a lightning magnet

The ocean may not get struck by lightning as often as land but when it does the results can be disastrous. Thanks to water being a conductor of electricity, the lightning spreads rapidly and can electrocute people, animals, and ships that are in it.

There’s a high mortality rate of plane crashes in the ocean

If a plane has a minor crash on land, then there’s a higher chance to survive than if it crashed in the ocean. Planes crashes in the ocean almost never have any survivors. This is not only due to the crash itself but also the potential of drowning. Moreover, the wreckage from a plane crash in the ocean is never found in most cases.

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The Bermuda Triangle 

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the scariest phenomena in the ocean and it has been surrounded by myth and legend for a very long time. Once a ship or vessel enters this triangle, it never sees the light of the day again. One of the most chilling cases of these mysterious disappearances was when a ship containing over 300 men sank somewhere in the triangle. The captain of the ship didn’t even find time to send a distress signal. And over 100 years later, the ship is still nowhere to be found.

Much of the ocean is still unexplored 

While scientists have been able to discover various planetary bodies and stars in space, they’ve only managed to explore explore a whopping five percent of the ocean. It’s hard to imagine what is truly down there.

Which other thing do you think may the ocean scary? Tell us about it in the comment section below.


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