These 5 Common Mistakes You Make Will Always Determine Your Confidence Level. See How

These 5 Common Mistakes You Make Will Always Determine Your Confidence Level. See How

A lack of confidence can stop one from achieving the things they want in life. Whether it is starting that dream project or overcoming your fears, you need confidence in every facet of your life.

Yet many people undermine and hurt their confidence unknown to them. Little mistakes may seem trivial at first but they can cause more problems if not corrected.

Here are 5 mistakes that could be killing your confidence.

Worrying About Things You Cannot Control

Life is full of challenges but it is our ability to come up with solutions that makes us stronger and signifies confidence. Another quality that shows confidence is the ability to remain composed in situations beyond our control.

Worrying about things you can’t control makes you feel helpless. It is a sign of a lack of confidence. Which is more advisable? Focusing all your energy on things you can’t control or paying attention to the things you actually have the power to change.

Not Paying Attention To Your Body Language 

Through your body language, people can easily tell if you have confidence or not. Are you slouching? Do you appear unrelaxed and uncomfortable? Are you always looking down? These things send the wrong signals to people who you come across.

Try to stand up straight, keep an open body language, and lift your head up. And you will exude confidence.

Comparing Yourself To Others 

This is something we probably have all done at some points in our lives. It is a natural instinct to compare yourself to another person especially when you think you are not living up to your expectations.

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Instead of using someone else as your yardstick for success, try to use yourself instead. Always remember that you are enough and you alone have what it takes to make your life better. According to the anonymous quote: “Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.”

Dreaming About What You Would Do Instead Of Actually Doing It

Being a positive thinker is good. It is a great way to set yourself up for success. But it can only work to a certain extent.

A lot of people rely solely on positive thinking without actually doing the work. As a result, this stops them from going out into real world and building their confidence. Start taking action today no matter how little it may seem. You will make mistakes but you will also learn from them. This is how true confidence is built and maintained.


Sometimes, we overestimate our abilities in our quest to succeed. It is good to be confident but being unrealistic about your goals can end up hurting you in the long run.

You should always push yourself but be realistic about your goals. Do a self-examination and see if you have the skills to match the goals you want to achieve.

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