These 2 Ways Could Make You Enough Money Every Month

See what an online entrepreneur in Nigeria will never reveal to you


There are lot of opportunity online which is great for entrepreneurs with billions of users on the web. Entrepreneurs can surely grow their business and generate more revenue online in many different ways.

There are wealth of content about making money online. You might have read articles about creating courses, coaching, selling digital information products and offering services online. Today i will like to share with you two non-traditional ways to make good money online that you can add to your business this month. Use these to grow your revenue.

1. Corporate Freelancing

Corporations book many entrepreneurs to create audio, video, and written content and pay well for it. They pay them to write blogs, create podcast contents, write newsletters, write copy, create funnels, write social media posts, create content plans, and much more.

Some amounts you can make for this type of freelance content creation are N 8,000,000.00 per funnel if you hit the right one, N 1,445.00 a word for any kind of written content, N 1,445,480.00 per thirty-minutes of audio content, and N 2,168,220.00 per thirty-minutes of video content. I hear you say, can that be possible in Nigeria? YES! it is. Remember, corporate budgets are very huge.

One sure tactic you can use to get these type of opportunities is using online job pages. You can visit sites such as Indeed, Monster, etc. Put in the category for which you want to get booked. For example, you can just type in “podcast” on google and you would get a list of firm looking to hire an employee for all kinds of things related to podcasting. Either on contract or full time basis. It is the same for other types of freelance content opportunities online.

This shows you that the company has a need for what you want to be booked to do. It takes the hard way of selling out the equation. Corporations understand the value of content creation online. Contact the marketing manager or director at the companies and show why selecting you as a freelancer is much more cost-effective than hiring an employee.

You can show them that it’s less risk and there’s more accountability. They pay you one-off fees. They should not have to pay for your health insurance and other benefits. Doing this can be an appealing and great proposal to a corporation. A very simple research on the company’s website or on LinkedIn profile would sure tell you who the marketing director is. You then create the pitch.

Share information about why you’re an expert, show some samples of your work, show why they should go the freelancer route, and give them options for what you could do for them. Be very clear on what type of content you would like to create and start looking immediately. There are millions in every new revenue that hungry entrepreneurs will surely lock in. This is a great time of year to get booked. Don’t just limit your earning capabilities by limiting your very own mindset.

2. Paid Writing


The 7 major business development publications get more than 400 million visitors every month. The numbers is more when you factor in industries such as tech, entertainment,hobbies, fashion and other life categories. According to Satista, online publications get more than one billion visitors every blessed day. Not only in Nigeria but throughout the world. It has created a more lovely opportunity for entrepreneurs to get their message and business in front of a growing audience.

You can actually build a very large email lists and social media. You can always promote your publications, products, services and online or physical courses. In a very short term, you can surely get paid for the content you have written plus audio and video — this year.


There are many publications that pay for content. A mere Google search of “posts that pay for content” would give you many options. You just do not have to be specialist or superstar entrepreneur to book paid gig content writing. Always send in a pitch that talks about the person you are and why you are an expert in the field. Always talk about what you would specifically like/want to write about for the publication. Show some samples of your work. Try to beef up your samples if you have to do that by writing for publications either for free or for cheaper rate.

Make your pitch always compelling and hit everyone of them with a subject line that is appealing and creates enough curiosity to get the editor to open the email. Send in pitches and lock in opportunities.

Don’t let anything whatsoever keep you from taking immediate action on this type of strategy. It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur. Internet is there, use it and social media to grow your businesses and add new revenue streams this year.


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