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There are friends in deed but there are a list of people who you should not be friends with

Good friends are great treasures.

There are friends in deed but there are a list of people who you should not be friends with

Friendship is a combination of affection, loyalty, love, respect, and trust, it goes beyond just sharing time together, and is more long lasting.

Good friends make the world go round and they should share your pains and your joys with you.
Even though friendship is crucial not every ‘friend’ should be called a friend. Here is a list of people that should not make your friendship list because it will end in tears.

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  • The Users: The only things these ones are after is what they can benefit from you especially if you have what they do not have or have enough of. It could be anything from money, information or connection. The only time they remember you are living and breathing is when they need something from you.
  • The competitors: These ones always, always want to compete with you and sometimes, this is even without your knowledge. Yes, for some people, it can be that deep. They want the same things you want or want or have the same things you have.
  • The ones who do not tell you the truth: Your friends should be your cheerleaders, encouraging you but good friends should also let you know when you are doing the wrong things. Friends shouldn’t keep cheering for you until you end up in the wrong place. They should tell us the truth no matter what.
  • The ones who are never truly happy for you: Any friend who does not share in your happiness and celebrate joyful moments with you is definitely not your friend. If you have a friend that’s never genuinely happy for you, please, keep away from them as much as you can.
  • Those who are ashamed of you: Those who are your true friends should be proud to be associated with you. They should not be ashamed to be known or seen with you even if you are not in the list of the top 10 most beautiful, richest, famous, or whatever.
  • The ones who cannot keep your secret(s): Anyone who has a loose mouth should not be your friend unless you have a loose mouth yourself, then you both fit. Friends protect and defend us and sometimes even clean up our mess without broadcasting it to the public.
  • The ones who remind you of your past errors: Even though we have agreed that friends should tell us hard truths, we need to also agree that they shouldn’t constantly bring up the past errors that we are trying to bury.


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