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The Weather is Hotter Than Before. Here Are Some Ways to Cope and Survive During this Heat Wave

The Weather is Hotter Than Before. Here Are Some Ways to Cope and Survive During this Heat Wave

We are now in the dry season. As a result, the temperatures have risen up and we are bound to experience more heat than before.

At this time, going out or even sleeping can be a hurdle. Thankfully, there are several ways in which you can beat the heat and keep cool.

We’ve compiled 8 brilliant ways to make sure that the heat does not frustrate you during this season.

1. Make sure air is flowing 

The weather is uncomfortably hot. So, you have to start looking for creative ways to get air flowing and stay cool. One way to do this is by using a standing fan. If you have one, have it face an open window and place your bed in between. This will ensure a free flow of breeze through your room.

2. Stay hydrated regularly

During the hot weather, you sweat more. And when you sweat more, you lose more bodily fluids in the form of sweat. To replenish the lost fluids, it is extremely important that you drink plenty of water. Always keep a water bottle closeby as you go about your day and try to drink from it regularly to prevent dehydration. You can also drink energy drinks if you get tired of drinking just water.

3. Change your sheets 

While some bed sheets are made for the cold weathers, others are made for the hot weathers. If you want to make your bed more conducive and cooler for you, then change your sheets. By “change”, we mean “replace”. Make sure they are lightweight and light-colour. This will help to reflect light and heat instead of absorbing it.

4. Use smaller pillows 

Likewise, some pillows are designed to keep you warmer at night while some are made to keep you cooler. Get a pillow that suits the weather, preferably a small pillow. This will help to keep your head cool, especially since it can end up being the warmest part of your body.

5. Know your cooling points 

Your neck and your wrists are your body’s major cooling points. Some other parts include the elbows and the knees, the top of the feet and the inner ankle. To cool down, you can apply a cold towel or sprinkle some cold water onto these areas.

6. Wear light clothes 

Avoid dark and tight clothes as they absorb heat more easily. Instead, go for light and airy clothing to allow your body to breathe. Also, do the same thing at night to keep cool and comfortable.

7. Keep your body low

The floor is usually cooler than your own bed because the higher you go, the warmer the air becomes. So, to keep yourself cool comfortable, you can use a sleeping bag or mattress on the floor.

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8. Watch your diet 

To prevent your metabolic system from overworking while you sleep, you should avoid eating right before you sleep and save larger meals for earlier in the day. Cold foods like ice cream and yogurt may give you temporary relief but spice foods may actually work wonders against the heat. The sweating caused by spicy food may help you cool off during the heat. However, everyone reacts differently to spicy foods, so be careful.

Which other ways do you think we can keep cool during the dry season? Tell us about it in the comment section below.


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