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The Top 9 Most Watched Sports In The World

All over the world, people love sports. There are an innumerable number of sports games out there, however, some have been identified as the major sport games in the world. These top sport games are watched all around the world by millions of people. The sporting industry has become a wealthy one just because of the massive follower-ship some of these games have.

In fact, there are some mega sporting events held at intervals that draw crowds of millions of people to the host cities. But what sport game is the most watched in the world? Here is a list of the top 9.

  1. Basketball

The game of hoops was started back in 1891 by a Canadian doctor, James Naismith, and has gained wide popularity and acceptance. The game now has a large followership worldwide, especially in Canada and the U.S. Basketball is watched by about 400 million fans globally.

  • Golf

Although this game is regarded to as a “rich man’s game” here in Nigeria, it is a loved sport globally. It’s origins trace back to the time of the Roman Empire. However, the game as we know it today, was played for the first time in Scotland during the 15th century. It now has a massive fan base with about 450 million fans.

  1. Baseball

The game of baseball is said to have started in the U.S by immigrants from Europe. It has how grown worldwide, even becoming the national sport of the U.S and several other South American countries. There are several divisions in the game now, with the Little League in the U.S no doubt the cutest. It has about 500 million viewers worldwide.

  1. Table Tennis

Table tennis was originally called “Whiff-Whaff”. Then it was later called “Ping-Pong” before it got the name we know it as today. It started out as an after dinner game for the elite in Victorian England before gaining worldwide acceptance. Although it seems Asia has taken over the game, it has about 850 million fans worldwide.

  1. Volleyball

Invented in 1985 as “Mintonette”, Volleyball was designed as an indoor sports game that was less rigorous than Basketball physically. Over time, the sport has gone on to gain massive followership with a fan base of over 900 million people worldwide.

  1. Tennis

Originated as far back as the 12th century in Northern France, Tennis was redesigned in 1859 to the game we know it as today. Tennis has a lot of exciting competitions all through the year and has gained massive followership too. The game has approximately 1 billion fans globally.

  1. Field Hockey

This is another game with large fan base. Although not popular in Africa, Hockey started out as an Olympic sport in 1908. Since then, it has grown to become a globally loved sport. Although it is currently dominated by the Asian nations, Pakistan and India, it has over 2 billion fans worldwide.

  1. Cricket

The number 2 most popular sport in the world is cricket. I’m sure you must have seen a lot of it on the Supersport channels. Cricket started as far back as 1550 in England and thanks to the predominantly Asian love for the sport, it now has over 2.5 billion fans worldwide.

  1. Football/Soccer

As you must have guessed, Football is the number one sport in the world with the largest fan base. The earliest form of football was recorded to have been played in China during the Han Dynasty it was known then as “Kickball”. However, the Soccer of today originated in England back in 1883 with its governing body, FIFA, established in 1904. Today, the game is played everywhere in the world with an estimated fan base of 3.5 million.


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