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The Top 7 Festivals in Venezuela

Venezuela has amazing festivals. Check out these top 7.

The Top 7 Festivals in Venezuela

The culture of a people cannot be complete without their festivities.  Welcome to Venezuela where their festivals go beyond the religious aspect of conventional carnivals. Venezuelan festivals are a  celebration of artistic expression and cultural awareness.

This is a list of the top festivals to experience if you ever find yourself in Venezuela.

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  1. Festival de Virgen de Coromoto – 2nd January

    The Festival de Virgen de Coromoto, is a jubilee in honour of the patroness of Venezuela, the Virgin of Coromoto. The virgin is said to have appeared as an empyreal vision, calling for everyone to be baptized as she walked on water. A number of masses are held in her name at the National Sanctuary during the festival.

  2. Fiesta de San Juan – 23rd-25th June

    This is said to be a Christian festival in honour of St.John the Baptist’s birth, It is three exciting days of African drums resounding among the coastal towns of Venezuela. A solemn mass is held on the second day of the festival, where participants wave coloured handkerchiefs and sing improvised verses to the drum beat.

  3. Carúpano Carnaval – 40 days before Easter (Mon-Thur)

    This festival is a spectacle of music and movement attracting over 400,000 visitors every year. Declared as an official Event of Regional Tourist Interest, the celebration is held 40 days before Easter, for four whole days. The women who are dressed in bright and beautifully decorated costumes are the ones who steal the show.

  4. El Día de San José – 19th March

    El Día de San José means “St.Joseph’s Day” in English. This festival sees many bullfights (a controversial activity originating in the Spanish town of Ronda) taking place. Parties continue for hours throughout the streets.

  5. Festival de San Pedro – 29th June

    The Fiesta de San Pedro y San Pablo is a celebration of the Saints Peter and Paul and it usually has a lot of music, dancing and folklore combine. On the night before the festival, bonfires are lit in the streets throughout the province and young women who want to have a child leap over the flames.

  6. Feria de la Chinita – 18th November

    Feria de la Chinita is the celebration of the feast day of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá. It is a 10-day jubilee which is led by a beautifully costumed festival queen and is marked by music, parades, games and folklore stories.

  7. Fiesta de San Benito

    If you visit Venezuela in the Christmas period, there are a number of festivals to enjoy which offer a great experience that contrasts with the Western Yuletide idea. The Fiesta de San Benito is held at the end of December in memory of San Benito, also known as El Moro, the Moor who was the son of slaves and is now elevated as the black saint of Venezuela.



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