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The Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads In The World

The Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads In The World

Roads are an important part of civilization. Without roads to connect places together, people would have been unable to meet each other and explore new places. It is the oldest means of transportation. However, it hasn’t always been the safest means of transportation. Plying roads come at a risk of getting involved in accidents, but mostly as a result of driving mistakes. It becomes worse when the road itself is not safe. Let’s take a look at the top 5 most dangerous roads in the world.

  1. Nanga Parbat Pass

This high altitude mountain road located in Pakistan is not one for the faint-heart. It is narrow and without rails and constructed on the 9th highest mountain in the world. Only experienced drivers can navigate this road successfully as any little mistake will lead to a plunging death.

  1. Canning Stock Route

dangerous roads - canning stock

This road isn’t located on any high mountain. It is one of the longest routes in the world. But the problem with this road is its loneliness. The Canning Stock Route is a stretch of 1900km road that connects Halls Creek and Wiluna in Western Australia. There is no human settlement for the full stretch of the road and and the journey takes an average time of 3 weeks. So before you go on this journey, make sure you are fully prepared, because if you run out of fuel, or you car breaks down, no one will be able to save you.

  1. Guoliang Tunnel Road

Another mountain road makes this list. This one however is even scarier than the last one. The Guoliang Tunnel Road is located in the Taihang Mountains of the Henan province in China. It is complete with tricky turns, curves and edges without railings. Other dangers complete this road like poor visibility during winter and rainy seasons and high altitude. No ordinary driver can ply this road.

  1. James Dalton Highway

Another long stretch of road makes this list. The James Dalton Highway is a whopping 666km long. It is located in Alaska and also very lonely. The danger of this road lies in its loneliness and its low temperature. Temperatures can fall as low as -62 degrees Celsius, which can kill a human in seconds.

  1. The Death Road

The Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads In The World

A dangerous mountain road that connects La Paz and Coroico in Bolivia, the name of the road alone tell you what you need to know. It is dangerous and rugged and responsible for about 300 deaths yearly.


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