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The Solution May Be Right in Front of Your Eyes


A message was posted as a comment on a Facebook thread recently that studies have shown that at least 90% of all chronic illness is caused by negative emotions (primarily stress).

The good news is that if you change your emotions, your illness can often diminish or disappear. You do not believe? Let’s read on.

Well, one of the readers got very huffy and offended as she told us that she had chronic pain for years and didn’t want to think that her negative emotions were caused by it. After all, she was seeing doctors and doing what she was supposed to do medically (although, her pain still hadn’t gone away).

What we found really interesting was the following:

She automatically assumed she was one of the 90%.
She wasn’t excited about the prospect that changing her emotions could lessen her pain.
So, what does this have to do with becoming more successful and showing up in your brilliance?

Ask yourself this question:

How often do you stay in your story and believe it to be true?

Here’s an example of what we mean.


You want more clients in your business but you’re not getting more clients. If we were to ask you about it, you would say that you’re doing all that you can and working hard at it. But, you’d complain that there’s too much competition out there and prospects are complaining about what you charge. You believe that you’ll never get the number of clients you desire.

What we would say to you is that you’re telling yourself a story.

• You believe you’re doing all you can. Is that really the truth? How do you know that you’re taking the “right” type of action? How do you know that you can’t perform that action in a better way?

• You believe there’s too much competition out there. What I know about marketing is that having “competition” is a good thing as it means you’re in a viable industry. If no one else was doing what you are (in some form or another), it might become tough for you to sell your services. Secondly, in the corporate world, we talked a lot about “competition.” we don’t believe that the worry about competition applies as much in our world as we attract the right people into our business.

• You also think that clients think you’re charging too much. If you believe that they are right, then you are charging too much. If not, you’ve got work to do on your self-image, confidence and your money story. People will complain about pricing as that’s a middle-class mindset, it how you deal with it that makes a difference in the result.

If you stay in your story your dreams will always be out of your reach.
What’s interesting is that most people never even realize when they are telling themselves a story.

Your success depends on the story you tell yourself. What story are you telling yourself today?



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