The Six Top Concerns Nutritionist Face Everyday

Number 4 is just not acceptable!


The 6 top concerns they hear from clients:

  1. I can’t eat that much

  • In order to burn fat you need to eat the right amount of macros and the same goes for building muscle you need to feed your muscles the right proportions of food. So you did what you did to get this far. So give it a chance and trust the process! They (Nutritionist) wouldn’t be in business if they didn’t know what they were doing. JUST EAT & HIT YOUR MACROS!
  1. I can’t reach my numbers

  • Again, try!!! If you don’t adequately try then yes you won’t hit your numbers. Meal prep, plan ahead, do whatever you need to do to help you get closer to your numbers! And also you can always reach out to your nutritionist/coach to give you tips/tricks to help you reach your numbers. You need to make changes to see changes! That is one thing for sure.
  1. I don’t have time to prep my foods. (Really?)

  • Make time, if you want something bad enough again you need to make the changes or tweaks in your life to see the changes you want. Make easy foods; use your pot, use steamed veggies, bake chicken/(or other protein) in bulk, don’t get news fried chicken as much. Also use steamed rice or order from a meal prep company to help you stay on track! It is super convenient and affordable so do what you need to do to make your life easier.
  1. I don’t have time to workout

  • If you don’t workout at all and want to start working out start small. Maybe even 2 days and you can always increase from there. Just get moving! If you want something you will make time if it is important to you.
  1. I didn’t track but I ate well

  • We hear this all the time….I want to believe you but there is no proof of what you ate and nutritionist cannot make changes if  they don’t know what macros you are hitting. Consistency and honesty helps the process tremendously! I know we have bad days or weekends but get right back on track and try not to let it drag on and let it spiral out of control. You love to eat one wrap of Eba with much beef on a well prepared Egusi soup. We all love it but track everything you consume so nutritionist could be aware of what changes need to be made if any!
  1. Why isn’t the scale moving fast enough

  • PATIENCE! PATIENCE! PATIENCE! That is the secrete. Be consistence & have patience if you are following everything 100% you will see results but some people’s bodies take longer than others….and what is more important than the scale is non-scale victories like losing inches, clothes feeling better, the scan looking better like more definition and smoothness!! The scale is only one incomplete number so look at other victories and trust the process and keep it going!


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