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The problem in your Relationship might just be Communication. Here is how to fix it once and for all

Communication is key in any relationship. Here is how to make it work.

The problem in your Relationship might just be Communication. Here is how to fix it once and for all

The simplest way to define a relationship is to call it an interaction between two individuals who are different in every aspect involved. This will obviously explain to you that in order to interact, there has to be some sort of communication and that in itself is the key to any healthy relationship.

Communication can be known as the oxygen that keeps relationships alive and a lack of it is why most relationships choke and then die.

Lack of communication disconnects people which then allows problems to win over the relationship.

This post is to help deal with problems in a relationship that may arise due to communication or its lack thereof.

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  • Being a problem creator: You might yourself or your partner in this category. The plain truth is problems are bound to come about, it is how you handle them that saves or breaks the relationship. Avoid blaming each other for whatever the problem is and instead find a way to solve the problem. Finding out a solution to the problem in hand is way better.
  • Zero or excess communication: Being on either extreme of the divide is a problem because zero communication makes way for newer issues while excess communication kills relationships. You need to find a balance, knowing when to talk and when to be quiet.
  • Anger: Trying to communicate to your partner while angry is like stabbing someone and trying to perform first aid at the same time. Anger does not sort out any issue instead it creates newer issues one after the other. The solution is to stop thinking and talking whilst angry.
  • Intolerance: Intolerance is an unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behaviour that differ from one’s own. This leads to bitterness, disrespect and acts as a huge barrier to positive interactions creating communication problems in a relationship. The solution is to work on your tolerance level
  • Insensitive behaviours: Most communication problems in a relationship arise mainly owing to the insensitive behaviour that one exhibits towards the other. Being sensitive while communicating with your partner is the heart to safeguarding the relationship you share with them.
  • Blaming personal problems on the relationship:  Both relationship issues and other issues will arise in life and both are inevitable. Handling the inevitable in a careful way is important as issues may come and go. But, your relationship won’t come again once it is gone.
  • Uncontrolled tongue: It is usually the tongue that is responsible for any communication problem. Oral communication is most times spontaneous and out of our control once it is said. If you are feeling frustrated or sad about something, then it’s better to stay silent than to speak and not be able to take it back


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