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The perfect responses to nosey questions by nosey (Amebo) people

Here is a post for you to reply nosey people

You know how some people can be so rude but when you tell them, they will say they are just being honest?

Yeah, those people are the reason why we are writing this post.

Sometimes, the questions hit home harder than others, based on your personality, the circumstances, or the relationship of the person asking but there are just some people who you want to shout ‘Mind Your Own Business’

  1. Take a Deep Breath: Stay calm, I know you are tempted to explode or give a terrible retort but please, take a deep breath. Responding will probably make a conversation ensue and we both know you do not want that. So, breath in, breath out. Inhale, Exhale.
  2. Use Humor: Sometimes ehn just laughing it off will be the best way to go. Laughter will most likely put everyone at ease and try to get you relaxed. Make a joke out of it by saying things like this: What do you weigh now?  – “The same thing I weighed last week.” “I forgot to check today but I will get back to you once I checked it today.” When should we expect twins? – “I’m waiting to see how your kids turn out first.” When are you getting married? – “A weekend in any month of any year, but I will be sure to inform you”. How much do you earn?  – “My boss thinks it’s more than enough, I think it is barely enough but we make it work.”
  3. Respond with a Question: You can easily turn the tables by asking a question that lets the person asking know you’re not comfortable sharing the asked for information. You can reply with questions like: “Why do you want to know?” “Did you really just ask me that?” “Why would you ask me that?”
  4. Have a “go-to” Answer: It is good to have a standard practised answer that makes you comfortable. Practised answers that let the person asking step back a bit. Things like: “I’d rather not talk about it.” “I’m not at liberty to say.” “I’m not comfortable talking about it.”
  5. Remember it’s okay to be Private –: Look, you do not have to answer every question asked or deserves an answer. It’s okay to be private where your thoughts, feelings, and opinions should not be discussed if you do not want them to be. You don’t have to give a reason for every decision.

Note that you should not confuse being nosey with being friendly.


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