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The Only Way To Follow If You Would Like To Be On The Fashion List. Check it Out Here

The fashion list is real. Read this post to help you be on it

The Only Way To Follow If You Would Like To Be On The Fashion List. Check it Out Here

If you are wondering what the fashion list and who is on it, then it is obvious that you are not and that is just a damn shame.

This list is real and I am going to do you a favour by giving another set of tips that will not just let you be on it but also allow for you to sit pretty.

Are you ready?

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  • Mixing textures can be a problem that many women face especially when it comes to wardrobe. Colour is great, and it definitely will make your look stand out – but a monochromatic outfit can be incredibly chic, too. The thing to remember when layering up your outfit is to prioritize texture as this creates more visual interest and it appears much more sophisticated and thought-out than it actually is.
  • Heels are not just shoes, they have the superpower of instantaneously elevating an outfit. For that reason, whenever you are in doubt of which shoe works with your outfit, always turn to a basic pair of heels to finish off the outfit. Trust me, you will know the right one.
  • Find a statement piece as they are known to turn a basic outfit into something wow-worthy. You can clinch it by making it something that truly represents you. Rather than fussing over pairing and matching, try adding on a fun statement piece to a basic outfit.
  • If you haven’t discovered the importance of a good pair of sunglasses, there is little wonder why you are not on the fashion list. Sunglasses are what you would most likely call your saving grace on days you need saving to achieve a graced chic look (Did you see what I did right there?) Go out and get yourself a pair of sunglasses today, you will certainly thank me later.
  • Red lipstick is bae any day and it is one of the most basic style tips you should invest in because as basic as it may be, it’s still a total essential.   Just think of all the great outfits you own or you will ever get, chances are a bold red lip will fit them just right.
  • You should wear stripes as they are really underestimated. The power of a good striped t-shirt can only be known and experience when you buy or have one. Striped shirts are essential to your wardrobe. The next time you decide to wear a simple t-shirt and jeans look, swap that your basic tee for a striped shirt. You’ll immediately remember this post and send me an e-hug


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