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The only sign you need to spot if the person you are dating is a Liar

Is he or she a liar? Find out in this post

There are clear signs to show if you are dating a liar even a  compulsive one. Sometimes the signs are noticeable but because you’re not necessarily looking for them, you don’t think anything of them until it’s too late. And if these signs are ignored, you could be headed down a terrible path in your relationship.

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  • HE OR SHE KEEPS SECRETS FROM YOU: This secret-keeping don’t usually start as the serious kind and then gradually he or she goes out of their way to keep those secrets. If and when you happen to find out, they either deny or come clean without the motivation to stop the deceitful behaviour in the future. If your feelings matter, he or she shouldn’t want to keep anything from you that would damage the trust in the relationship.
  • HE  OR SHE GETS DEFENSIVE WHEN YOU PRY OR CATCH THEM: It takes one time to catch him or her in a lie, keeping a secret, or when simply being in the wrong. If you approach them on a matter, question her whereabouts or intentions, and she refuses to talk about it – take that as a clear sign of either guilt or her defence mechanism flaring. A defence can be a way of having to avoid lying to you in the first place.
  • HE OR SHE GETS EASILY DEFENSIVE: If your partner has a defensive attitude in the relationship whether towards issues you try to discuss within the relationship, or pertaining to particular suspicions you may have, it is then very obvious that there are issues with trust, deceit, secrecy, or other problems that are arising within the relationship.
  • HE OR SHE WORKS  HARD TO GAIN YOUR TRUST OR DOESN’T TRUST YOU: There is a saying that goes: those who cheat, lie and deceive become worrisome and distrusting of their partner. Meaning that they are probably working extra hard to gain your trust because they have broken it.
  • HE OR SHE AVOIDS CONVERSATION: If he or she tends to avoid conversation about specific subjects, it is obvious that there’s a clear emotional withdrawal present. Which means, he or she either feels entitled to their privacy, or there are things “better left unsaid”. Either way, emotional distance is a prominent issue which can be caused by smugness in the relationship.
  • HE OR SHE IS HYPOCRITICAL: hypocrite, double-standard and tit-for-tat. Double standards basically mean, “What I can do – you can’t“, or “It’s okay when I do it, but you cannot“. tit-for-tat is the most common, selfish behaviour displayed in relationships today. This behaviour is hardly visible said and done and it can quickly turn any relationship from good to bad.


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