The Last Two Decades in Nigeria: 8 Things That Are No Longer the Same.

There are a great deal social changes that have in the past years. These progressions can be ascribed to a few factors that have affected our lifestyle traditions and customs. It ranges from changes in dialects to our method of dressings; to the kind of food we eat.
For example it is a typical knowledge the vast majority of our children can scarcely talk their native language. Innovation has extraordinarily impacted our social cooperation too through various online lives.

Of course, Major social issues like power supply, political tussle and drama since we started or democracy journey has never changed. These are what Nigerians are familiar with everyday
These are 8 major areas that are not the same for the past 2 decades.


Corruption is a key issue in Nigeria since independence. So, how have the governments fared? Corruption has only gotten worse in Nigeria. According to a current presidential candidate, it was back then in 2000, that we saw the Inspector General of Police was cuffed and hauled by policemen under him on national TV. That IGP had originated from a similar zone with the then sitting president (Fmr. President Obasanjo). What do you have now? It is freedom for officers prosecuted for corruption.

Oil Prices.

The Story of Nigeria would never be complete without the mention of oil. It’s impossible. In 1999, Fuel price was #25.

But 20 years down the line, it is sold for #145 which is a 480% increase. This can explain why Nigeria is described as the poverty capital of the world today.

Nigeria Educational Sector has been very dynamic like the power sector with different policies coming and going. Yet, unlike the power sector, it has not been stagnant but worse. Nigeria switched from 6-3-3-4 system to 9-3-4 in 2008 but more teachers are still confused.

The removal of history alone has shown the incompetence of the policy makers in the ministry of education.

Since the arrival of majority rules system in 1999, the security circumstance in Nigeria has been very aggravating, and in the previous fifteen years things have been compounding every day. Obviously like some other human culture, traditional crimes have dependably been a piece of the experience, particularly after the civil war, yet the later involvement in savage extremism, rebellion and different types of militancy have made the circumstance substantially more mind boggling.

Right now, the most genuine security dangers in Nigeria are those in the classification of discontent or nonconformist motivation, explicitly the vicious radicalism of Boko Haram and the fierce militancy in the Niger Delta.

Things have deteriorated for the Nigerian masses throughout the decades. The nation’s economy has been disintegrating throughout the years with the expectation that things will show signs of improvement getting fainter.

The nation’s framework which ought to invigorate monetary development is wrecked and little is done to invert the case.

One of Nigeria’s most concerning issues is its absence of good leadership. Nigeria has scarcely figured out how to govern itself productively or accomplish political dependability since it picked up autonomy 56 years prior. The Nigerian common administration has devalued throughout the years and is currently loaded with debasement and incompetence. Because of tribalism and different ills, arrangements into official posts depend on nepotism rather than realism.

Accordingly, unfit applicants are placed in critical positions and the outcome is the thing that we have today. This is indeed a vicious cycle.

Nigerian Entertainment Industry is one of the major positives that every citizen celebrates without any tribalistic view. Today, Nollywood is 2nd to Bollywood (Indian Movie Industry) with Almighty Hollywood (US Movie Industry) sitting below us.

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In addition to this, Nigerian musicians are now recognized beyond the shores of the black people.

Telecommunication is evolving throughout the world everyday and so Nigeria is not left out. Many old folks still tell the story of how they bought an mtn sim card for #10000.

The same sim card that is almost free today.


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