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The DO’s and DON’Ts of Red Lipstick

Hey Gorgeous, check out these DO’s and DONT’s when applying your red lipstick.

The DO's and DON'Ts of Red Lipstick

Red is the go-to colour for lipstick when it comes to glamour and beauty. Since the old days, red lipstick has been known to define sexy but it’s difficult to apply.

If you are not careful and attentive, your lips can begin to look really messy. And the reason is that bold, bright makeup colours are not your usual “apply and go” — They take work.

This is a compilation of Do’s and Don’ts for applying a bold, impressive red lipstick.


  • Prep your lips

    The most vital step to applying this shade of lipstick is the prep. You need a smooth base so that the lippie will apply evenly, so as not to give your lips the appearance of being dry, flaky, or rough. Exfoliate your lips, after exfoliation, apply a  lip balm which will help to add moisture back into your lips and ensure that your lipstick has a fluid application.

  • Use a lip liner 

    Lip liners are very important because they help to provide a base to which lipstick can cling to, it will also help create a defined lip line, as well as prolong the wear of your lip colour. Ensure that the lip pencil is similar to the lipstick colour, they should be fairly close in tone. Use small, light-handed strokes and make sure to really focus on emphasizing the small dip in the middle of your top lip called the Cupid’s bow. Lipstick, Red, Mouth, Sexy, Woman, Sensual, Sensuality


  • Rub your lips together

    STOP.  Resist the urge to press your lips together when it comes to the red lipstick. The reason is to avoid it from spreading outside of the lip line you just created, producing a very messy look. Once you’ve applied your first coat, grab a tissue, gently blot it on top of your lips, and then apply another layer of lippie. This helps to remove any excess oils from the first application, whilst still leaving the colour intact thereby extending the time your lippie will remain.

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  • Overlook clean up

    When wearing bold red, don’t forget to clean up any colour that has accidentally gone astray. Simply use a concealer brush, tissue or makeup wipe to clean the edges. If there are any visible smears around your mouth, use your ring finger to dap on your powder and gently blend it away.

  • Forget to check your teeth

    Lipstick on the teeth happens to nearly every lady, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to prevent it from happening. Simply check your teeth when you are done applying and use a toilet paper to wipe if there is any stain.


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