The Dos and Don’ts Of Delicious Cake Making

Home Baking requires something other than following a formula. It additionally takes some essential comprehension of the heating procedure, tools, strategies and fixings.

We have seen different situations where great cook haven’t yet taken a stab at heating a cake yet. Why? They terrified of heating. They were still contemplating if baking is their business or not. In any case, if you don’t try those things which you are scared of, you won’t know if you can or not. So attempt and then decide. Yet in addition recall one thing that training makes man immaculate.
Here are some do’s and don’ts for you to pursue if you have not had a go at preparing cake before.


Don’t open your oven every now and then else your cake will end up split.

Don’t use oil to grease your pan. Butter is much better.

Don’t over heat your cake and furthermore remember of under preparing it.

Don’t take your cake out of the mould before it cools off else your cake won’t come out in the right shape.

Don’t set the temperature of your oven without considering the cake recipe. This is because the temperature of cake differ according to recipe

Remember to preheat the oven which is a general rule before you bake anything.

Coat your cake with some flour if you are making a nutty cake this will help you in coasting and furthermore not let them sink while heating.

Dusting the pan with a little flour and greasing it with butter will be useful in baking.

Include Vinegar or lime juice if you are making an eggless cake and your recipe directs you to do so. It will give you better outcome.

Continuously to utilize eggs with good quality or cream blender. This will make your work simpler.

Use high quality cocoa powder, preparing powder, sugar, spread/oil and so forth which is required when baking and also in each sort of cooking.

Follow correct measurements of ingredients according to the recipe else you ruin all your effort.

Enjoy your cake!


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