The Difference Between Dating a Boy and Dating a Man

Often times, maturity is mistakenly associated with age. But in reality, it is not the truth. Maturity is the way you see, understand and consider things. It is the way you react, communicate and value.

This shows that age has nothing to do with being mature. Age is merely a number and actions define how mature a man is.

To the ladies, if you are searching for a reliable partner, then do not chase after boys. Know the difference between how a boy and a man acts when dating.

These signs have been put together to show you the difference between dating a boy and dating a man.


  1. A boy makes promises that he cannot keep. A man has integrity

There are three essential things that a man should never break; promises, trust, and someone’s heart. Only a real man can knows this.

It takes a person with the good intention to make a promise and a person with good character to keep them.

If you’re dating a boy, he will break promises and this will eventually shake the trust between you. Broken promises are worse than lies because you’ve been given a ray of hope without giving it to you, and this can lead to a broken heart.

On the other hand, a man has integrity; his words are not cheap because they are also backed with fulfilled promises.


  1. A boy bottles up his emotions. A man admits when he needs you.

Most of us have the misconception that a real man should show no form of weakness and should handle anything that comes his way without seeking help. On the contrary, a man knows that when he needs help and needs to talk, even if it makes him feel uncomfortable. He knows that you’re both partners and you can’t do without each other.

However, a boy sees this as a weakness and hence, hides his emotions from you.


  1. A boy wants you to change for him. A man loves you just the way you are.

Changing things about yourself in order to compromise in the relationship should come from within you and not because you’re being pressured.

A man knows this and he loves you as you are. So he doesn’t want you to change for him, but for you. On the other hand, a boy wants you to be the version he wants, not understanding that you’re also an imperfect being.


  1. A boy cares too much about looks. A man cares about character.

In every relationship, physical attraction plays a major role. But a real man understands that he is not involved with a doll. He understands that there are periods you would look and some other periods, you might not be yourself. He won’t love you less or hurt your feelings because you didn’t wear make-up or you wore slippers. He finds the women he is in love with through your imperfection.

A boy will tease you for looking ugly until you feel ashamed and strive to meet up to his standard and taste.


  1. A boy brings out the worst version in you. A man makes you a better version of yourself.

In life, there are people that inspire us and people that drain us. Life is just that way! Your love life should help you to achieve more and to become better.

Loving someone means that you want to help them to be better and greater in life. So if your partner feels insecure about your success and he doesn’t inspire you to become better, it shows that he is a boy.

A real man will strive to make sure that you become better because he isn’t scared that you might outshine him.


You will meet several boys in life, but a real man will prove his love for you through his actions!



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