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The Best Way to Give Your Handbags The Care They Deserve

Do you know how to care for your handbags? You should read this to find out.

The Best Way to Give Your Handbags The Care They Deserve

When it comes to taking care of your things, handbags do not usually get attention and even when they do, it is very minimal. We would think about our phone(s) and shoes first before a bag. We assume that our bags are durable and they really do not need any sort of care-taking. This is the reason your bags begin to experience wear and tear long before they should.

Here are 5 simple tips that will help you maintain the primary quality of your handbags.

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  1.  Use products: This may come as a surprise to you but there are products made for the sole purpose of bag care. You can spray your bag with rain and stain repellent to protect it. Most times, it is not so much from rain, but from you accidentally spilling liquids on it. Also try to make it a habit to wipe down your purse once in a while with the product so the stains don’t become permanent, or to just give it that newly bought shine.
  2. Stuff your purse to maintain its shape: A good way to maintain your big bags compared to the smaller ones is to put a sweater you are not wearing into the bags so as to maintain its shape. Tissue paper and newspapers also work but using a softer material is best as it’s more organic
  3. Keep your dust bags: You know how you buy your handbags and they usually come with a soft like outer bag? You should keep those dust bags as they’re great for protecting your bags when you’re not using them. Put your leather bags into their dust bags after use so the leather maintains its shine.
  4. Use a clutch to hold your liquids: I’m sure you cannot count how many times you have accidentally spilt lotion or powder in your bag. Do you also realise that it’s a pain moving your face products every time you switch bags? The answer is to put them all into a small purse which will help you find your products easily and when you do switch bags, all you need is to move the wallet and the purse.
  5.  Store your bags on a shelf: Hanging your handbags is really not the best way to go. If you are observant, you’ll notice after a while that it will cause wear and tear on the handles from the weight especially if you don’t take things out of them. If you have a shelf or a flat surface, it is recommended that you put your bags here because that way you don’t stretch the handles and it’s protected from any accidental spills.


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