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The Best TV Shows In Television History

Are you a movie lover? Then chances are you may have come across one or two of these shows, if not all. Read this post and tell us your favourite.

The Best TV Shows In Television History

Since the advent of TV series, there have been a good number of great TV shows that have stood out and have kept their audiences glued to the TV screen. Although many of these shows have ended their stints on television, they still hold a special place in our hearts.

Here are some of the best TV shows of all time according to fans:

The Sopranos

Family, crime, and business – these are the three major themes that revolve around The Sopranos and themes that most in today’s society can relate to. Another show brought to us by HBO, The Sopranos was a spectacle of honest writing, apt storytelling, and captivating visuals. It accurately captured the typical “American Mafia” lifestyle in the same manner as movies like “The Godfather” – a classic worth seeing by the way – but took things a step further by portraying it from the family perspective. Its depth of characters, powerful themes, and brilliant story-telling make it the best TV show to ever air on television.

Game Of Thrones

This goes without saying. HBO’s Game of Thrones stole the show right from the moment it started airing on television to its last few seasons. The series was so loved that fans formed several theories about it and created their own fan-fiction versions of it. What set Game of Thrones apart from other shows was not just its amazing dialogue but also its vast array of characters which were aptly portrayed.

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This should come as no surprise due to the fact that the show was adapted from A Song of Ice and Fire, a book by George RR Martin – one of the most iconic authors of our time. Although Game of Thrones’ final season elicited mixed feelings within its fan-base, the show as a whole was magical nonetheless and we have characters like “The Mother of Dragons” and “Arya Stark” to thank for that.


Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is one show that is currently being compared with Game of Thrones by many who think GOT’s final season didn’t make the cut. From its amazing acting to its unconventional story-line, – chemistry high school teacher, Walter White, turned drug lord – Breaking Bad lived up to the fame and fanbase it garnered over the years. The show has also been lauded for its unforgettable quotes.


The Wire

One may argue that HBO has a penchant for creating the best TV shows and this wouldn’t be farther from the truth. “The Wire”, is another one brought to you by the behemoth television network. Depicting the power plays that take place between various institutions in the urban city of Baltimore, The Wire takes you through a fiery journey of realism that you don’t often come across in other shows. Watch The Wire and get to see the dark side of various institutions such as the school system, the police force, and the press amongst others.

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