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The Best Market The City of Abuja Has to Offer

Wondering where the best markets in Abuja are? Read this to find out

The Best Market The City of Abuja Has to Offer

Most people find food shopping a great thing and like to know the places available for it. It’s even better when you can find a Market that has a good bargain. These markets mentioned below have items ranging from clothing, foodstuff to furniture and they are the best the city of Abuja has to offer

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  • Maitama Farmers’ Market: This is located in the highbrow area of Abuja and it is a small but very well put together place suiting the residents of Maitama. Vegetables, groceries, fruits, wholesale drinks and other food items can be purchased here with no stress or hassle and it opens from 7am till 10 pm, Sun-Sat
  • The Gudu Market: This is a market that concentrates mainly in the sales of spare parts of different automobiles as well as other electronic wares. There is a small section designated to foodstuff too.
  • Kamo Market: The official days here are Tuesdays and Fridays and it caters to all your thrift needs ranging from clothing, shoes to books and even hair accessories. Tuesdays and Fridays are the only days it is open to get everything you need at bargain prices even foodstuff too.
  • Kado Fish Market: a.k.a Life Camp Market is the place to go if you are looking for somewhere to buy fish and other fresh produce. It is known for wholesale distribution of fish and poultry products as well as feed, poultry vaccinations, fruits, vegetables etc. It opens from 8am-6pm on  Monday-Saturday.
  • Utako Ultra Modern Market: This place creates an atmosphere where buyers and sellers can trade in virtually everything. It is opened from 7pm-6: 30 pm on Sunday-Saturday.
  • Garki Int’l Market: Is located in Garki 2 district of Abuja and is a little larger than the Wuse Market. The prices are also cheaper compared to Wuse.
  • Maraba Fruit Market: This market is located at Maraba after Nyanya Junction and is home to different types of fruits and vegetables sell at cheap prices here. You can buy your tomatoes, pepper, onions in baskets, carrots, spring onions etc and you can also apply the sharing method if you don’t need to buy one whole basket.
  • Wuse Market: This is the most important and popular in Abuja and it is located in Zone 5 of Wuse district. It was once a secondary school before it was renovated into a market for Abuja residents. You can find everything and anything here ranging from food, fresh vegetables, gadgets, meat, clothes, electronics, furniture etc. and is opened on Mon-Sat from 6pm-8pm


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