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The Best Diet for Hair Growth

The Best Diet for Hair Growth

A properly chosen shampoo, a hair mask once a week, refusal to blow-dry and gentle combing are all important components of hair beauty.

But in order for the curls to be strong, shiny and grow faster, it is equally important to fill the diet with certain foods.

According to the Academy of Dermatology, people lose from 50 to 100 hairs per day, after which new hairs grow from the same follicles. That is why it is important to ensure that the scalp receives all the nutrients they need. Which ones? Let’s talk about them now.


Eggs are an excellent source of biotin. Biotin is a mineral that can promote hair growth. At the same time, thinning and loosing of curls can be triggered by the lack of biotin, although its deficiency, to be fair, is quite rare.

Despite the fact that almost all dietary supplements for hair contain biotin, studies show that the mineral in additives does not affect the health of curls. But biotin from foods can improve the condition of hair, skin, and nails, so you should include eggs in your diet, as well as fish, nuts and seeds, spinach and broccoli.


Some studies show that vitamin D, which is important for the muscular, nervous, and immune systems of the body, can also affect hair quality and growth. At the same time, it is possible to get it not only from sunlight (although this is the most effective way – provided that you use sunscreen) but also from food products.

Experts advise to include mushrooms in the diet. Vitamin D contained in mushrooms is perfectly digested. Also fish, beef liver, cheese, milk, orange juice, and bread will help you get a sufficient number of vitamin D.

Fatty Fish

Being a good source of omega-3 and vitamin D that can improve the appearance of hair, fish, such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring, also protects us from cardiovascular and chronic diseases. And this, you see, is a nice bonus. As for the curls, in 2018 researchers found that fish oil extract containing docosahexaenoic acid stimulated hair growth by increasing the activity of certain proteins in the body.

And another study on the subject showed that taking omega-3 supplements along with marine proteins can reduce hair loss, although it does not stimulate their growth. So fatty fish is a superfood which can be a good hair loss treatment.

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Certain amino acids in protein foods can also promote hair growth. And L-lysine is one of the clearest examples. It is known that the lack of L-lysine in the body can cause hair loss while obtaining enough amino acids not only solves the problem but also accelerates the growth of curls.

Dairy Products

It’s no secret that dairy products are very useful for the growth and strengthening of hair. However, to achieve the maximum effect, it is necessary to give preference to sour-milk products.

Cottage cheese, fresh yogurts, and sour cream should be in your fridge. But you should remember that you don’t need to drink too much milk, this product is poorly digested.

Milk products contain protein (casein) and B vitamins, which are important for growth and improving the structure of curls.

Bran and Cereals

Sprouted grains, whole grain bread, and cereals are more than useful products for hair growth. A breakfast which includes yogurt with cereals instead of the usual croissant with chocolate and coffee nourishes curls with protein, zinc, potassium, magnesium, iron, and vitamins. Hair will grow thick and strong, and your weight will decrease as well.

By the way, in order to save the maximum of useful substances in cereals, you need to consume them raw or half-baked. Just soak the hard seeds in the water a few hours before a meal or grind them in a coffee grinder.


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