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The Best Daytime and Nigh-time Routine for Your Skin

The Best Daytime and Nigh-time Routine for Your Skin

With the ever increasing skincare products from different brands, it is easy to get confused on which products to buy. Even when you get the right products, you’re still faced with the bigger task of applying them the right way in order to get the best results.

Introducing a skincare routine could be the key to maximizing your products and reap the full benefits. Specialists advise to start from the thin products to the thick ones but what’s most important is beginning with the products that penetrate the skin followed by the products that just need to stay on the skin.

Know what your skin needs and attend to that need, if the skin is dull, exfoliate and if the skin is irritated, hydrate and protect.

Your routine should be classified into 2: Daytime and Nighttime routine. The objective of the daytime routine is simply to protect the skin from the sun and pollution while the nighttime, when the skin naturally repairs itself, should be about treatment and feeding the skin right.

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This article will be categorized into products that should be used twice a day and once a day.


CLEANSER: Cleansing your face is the right way to start and end your day. Cleansing can be done using clean water or a simple facial cleanser to clean off accumulated dirt and impurities from your skin without drying the skin. A clean skin is the beginning of a healthy skin.

TONER: Toners should follow after cleansing the skin. Toners are rich in Vitamin B, and are used to clear dull skin and protect against moisture loss.

SERUM: This skin care products address specific skin issues like wrinkles and work effectively to neutralize damages caused by UV rays. Serums should be applied after cleansing and before moisturizing the skin for effective result.

MOISTURIZER: Moisturizes are very important and should be applied on either oily or dry skin types. Moisturizers are to be used twice daily. They protect against harsh weather conditions and infections. Moisturizers hydrate the skin and the best time to apply a moisturizer is when the skin in damp.

EYE CREAM: Eye creams should be applied both morning and night, continuous use can help to reduce dark eye circles and eye bags.


SUNSCREEN: Sunscreens are very essential and a must include skincare routine. Apply a sunscreen after moisturizing and from time to time within the day especially after sweating. Sunscreens that contain Zinc are the best because Zinc helps to shield the skin against UV rays.

ANTI AGING TREATMENT: Use anti-aging treatment at night for wrinkles and to strengthen your skin.

Building a skincare routine is the gateway to having a succulent skin. One rule of thumb for the ladies is that you should never go to bed with your makeup on to avoid clogged pores and blackhead.


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