The Average Fulani Man: What You Never Knew

A typical Nigeria would be fast to conclude that Fulani’s are like all other northerners but that’s far from the truth. You will be surprised to find out how much you don’t know about this tribes.

A research into the history of Fulani people can be very fruitless as they are very dynamic in terms of movement. The Fulani’s settle and re-settle everywhere and almost anywhere in west Africa even extending to Ethiopia.

Don’t be too surprised what you will learn from this tribe as we reveal some facts about the Fulani’s.
The Fulani’s originated between Senegal and Gambia. Today, their population is estimated to be about 7 million fula tribe concentrated in Senegal, Nigeria and guinea where they have dominated politically.

The Fulani’s speak ‘fulfulde’ – the fula language. The unique language has different local accent which includes futa toro, futa jallon and masina.

Even though these languages are similar in structure, information exchange between Fulani in different regions is complicated.


The Fulani man is a typical Muslim, they exhibit a strict devotion to the Islamic practice


The Fulani’s have a secret system in relating with people. This system known as pulaaku mandates 3 Islamic ideals which are modesty, patience and common sense. This trait can be seen in most Fulani man/woman.

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Before the emergence of Islam, Fulani’s believed that cattle and humans in general evolve from the river. These first men, who migrated throughout Africa, are believed to be the founder of the Fulani tribe.


The Fulani’s enjoy their conservative lifestyle as they live in small huts and camps since they might destroy it whenever they are ready to re-settle. Their living lifestyle can be regarded as reckless.


The Fulani meal is locally known as nyirii – a porridge produced from flour powder. Being cattle herders, they are also fond of drinking milk every morning.


Due to their flair for moving here and there, a typical nomadic Fulani child does not enroll in a school. Although, as Islam began to spread, more Fulani’s attend Islamic schools to learn Arabic.


A young Fulani man is required to perform some sort of sport regarded as Sharro. In this exercise, Fulani young men lash each other to test for their bravery as a requirement for entry into manhood.

Fulani’s are known for dominance and hence great leaders have emerged from their settlement. Usman Dan Fodio, the founder of the great Sokoto caliphate is a Fulani. Alhaji Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa is a Fulani and the 2 major contenders for the presidential post in Nigeria are both Fulani.


So, there’s definitely a lot one can learn from them!


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