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The Anxious Bride: How To Deal with the Attention on Your Big Day

The Anxious Bride: How to Deal with the Attention on Your Big Day

Suffering from social anxiety is no joke – the less attention on you, the better.

But what happens when you get married, and you have to walk down the aisle and be the center of everyone’s attention? If brides who enjoy the spotlight still feel a little nervous when they walk down the aisle, imagine how nerve-wracking it can get for someone with social anxiety disorder.

So here are some tips on how you can survive your big day long enough to exchange wedding rings with your groom:

  • Rehearsal

Wedding rehearsals are not only there to let the wedding party know where their places are and what they should be doing in the ceremony, but it also gives you the feel of what it would be like on the big day. Take note of the things that make you uncomfortable and try to talk to your wedding planner or your wedding officiant if there are some changes that can be done to make you more comfortable.

  • Skip the procession

You do not have to walk down the aisle all by yourself. You can ask your father and mother to take you from the first step to the altar or walk down the aisle with your bridesmaids together hand in hand. To have the people closest to you by your side will motivate you to go through the walk despite the butterflies in your stomach. If you have a small wedding, you can ditch the formalities and just take your place upfront.

  • Focus on the groom

One thing that helps is to focus on your groom’s face as you walk simply. This will help you avoid eye contact with other people and will blur out the crowd. After all, this is your day together, and your guests will understand if you choose to focus on the groom alone.

  • Ditch traditions

Wedding traditions that make the bride the center of attention such as the first dance and the throwing of bouquet can seriously trigger an anxiety attack. You can ditch these traditions if you want to. Instead of the first dance with just you and your husband, why not turn it into a group number and have the rest of the wedding party dance with you? And instead of throwing the bouquet, you can always play games where the winners get the bouquet.

  • Master breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are great coping strategies for anxiety. Take the time to practice deep breathing as your big day nears; this will help encourage relaxation.

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Your wedding is a special day, and you should not let your anxiety get in the way. Make everything special for your loved ones and enjoy the day. To make your wedding a big day, do preparation, and choose your favorite outfits and jewelry style.

Being in the spotlight will be unavoidable, but you can also choose to have a small private ceremony with just you and your husband and a few witnesses then come home to have a simple party with all your family and friends. The people close to you will understand. But for those who cannot have this option, practice these tips to help you get through your big day.


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