The 5 Books Every Man Should Read

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If you’re looking to be a better man and win ultimately at life, here are 5 great books specifically for men that will inspire you.

These are books you should read at least once in your lifetime because of the value they have to offer.

Find five of them below:

The Way Of Men by Jack Donovan

The way of Men delves into what it actually means to be a man. It is a great read on the idea of masculinity and an eye-opener on how you can become a better man for the good of society. The Way of Men also provides clarity on the difference between being a “good man” and being “good at being a man”. While the former borders on morality, the latter centres on the traits that are necessary for being truly masculine.

The Seawolf by Jack London

The only fictional book on this list! The Seawolf is a classic read about a soft domesticated man, Humphrey Van Weyden, who gets rescued by a crew of tough ruthless seal hunters after his boat capsizes. Being the object of ridicule due to his weak appearance, Weyden is taking up by the captain of the crew, Wolf Larsen. Larsen teaches him to toughen up and defend himself from the other men on the ship. Weyden becomes stronger and eventually has to choose between his loyalty to Weyden and the woman he loves.

The Seawolf is a great book for men, showing what it truly means to become a stronger and better version of yourself.

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No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Robert A. Glover

This book is for men who think they are “too nice”. Being nice is necessarily not a bad thing but when you’re “too nice” that you fail to set boundaries and it affects your relationship with others, then it becomes a problem. No More Mr. Nice Guy teaches men to value themselves first so that they can have better relationships with others, assert themselves more dominantly, and learn to say “No” when people are trying to take advantage of them.

Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe

This is the book for all newbies to the world of fitness. In it, you’ll find the right methods you can adopt to get fitter and stronger. Starting Strength covers all the basics strength training from practicing good form while lifting weights to developing a standard strength training program that suits you. Mark Rippetoe, the author of the book, has decades of experience as a strength coach

Bachelor Pad Economics: The Financial Bible For Men by Aaron Clarey

Bachelor Pad Economics is a broad outlook on how men can achieve financial success by making the right decisions in life. The book touches on several aspects including dating, what to study in school, career choices, investments, long-term relationships, and retirement. It shows you all the things you should avoid to maximize your financial success in life.


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