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The 4 types of couples: Which One Do You and Your Boo Belong To?

Couples can be divided into these 4 groups. Read the post below to know

The 4 types of couples: Which One Do You and Your Boo Belong To?

The internet has many quizzes and online dating games which promise to tell or show you the route in which your relationship should be heading, making all relationship a one size fits all. Sometimes they are close to accurate, other times they come across a joke.

A scientific study has revealed that couples can be classified into four groups. The findings of this study are based on various insights discovered by the scientists through questions they asked the participants, such as how committed they felt after marriage and their feeling for one another etc.

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Find out which category you fall under as regards your relationship below. Anyhow, what do you have to lose?

  1. The Conflicted But Passionate Couple: These couples put the C in “Complicated”, and in Conflicted and also stand tall as commitment-phobes as you could imagine. These couples alternate between tension in the conflict that pushes them apart and passionate attraction that pulls them back together.
  2. The Partner Focused: You probably have or know the kind of couples that just love taking long walks, holding hands, spending the entire weekend at home watching romantic movies for hours. They are called “partner focused” couples. They basically focus on each other’s wants, needs even before it is voiced.
  3. The Social Butterflies: These type of couples stem out from a larger mutual friend group and have no qualms interacting with a wide group, growing their relationship further. Having mutual friends makes people in these relationships feel closer and more committed.
  4. The Dramatic: It is funny how couples with the flare for the typical soap opera drama doom their relationships from the start. There’s a lot of ups and downs which allows their commitment to swing wildly. You begin to put the little things you do for each other under a microscope, and you start to see the relationship in a negative light, and before you know it, it eats into the core of your relationship.You should have been able to decide which group you and your partner belong to? Even though science tries to meddle in the affairs of the heart, our emotions, highs and lows are all a part of the human experience and that cannot be avoided by social creatures such as ourselves. There’s really is no perfect formula for finding the “happily ever after”. No quick fix, no how to, no nothing. You should be able to work at it though. Work it.


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