The 30 Most Annoying & Confusing Things About Men, As Explained By Women

16th is so harsh!


Men are so lovely to be with especially if you are around some of the most funniest of them. But they can be confusing at times when they do things.

Let’s take a look at how confusing they might be! These was actually revealed by a woman.


  1. How men never seem to ask for more detail besides the necessary information. (Okay, we know where the party is, but who’s going to be there? What do we need to bring??)

  2. How guys call each other “dicks” and all other kinds of bad mean nicknames.

  3. How they seem to know most of the things about their hobbies, like football and video games, but nothing about, say, their child’s school schedule.

  4. How little they know about their friends, even when it comes to just basic information like age or birthday

  5. How their friendships always consist of giving each other some shit and tormenting one another.

  6. How guys absolutely refuse to ask for help when they need one (even if it would make things 100 times easier).

  7. How they are able to wear skinny jeans, and where does their manhood go?

  8. How do guys coordinate those complicated handshakes with each other?

  9. How are guys able to walk in on a movie they haven’t seen before or when it’s already halfway through and still watch till the end (without asking questions)?

  10. How are men able to sit anywhere and actually think about nothing?

  11. Why are men so apprehensive about receiving some gifts?

  12. How they will always ask a girl for their number and then never actually use it.

  13. How they don’t seem to use Chapstick or lotion, even if they need it most of the time.

  14. How you can tell guys exactly where something is and they will look right at it and say, “It’s not there Joor!.”

  15. Why is it that when guys say they have cleaned the sink, it never actually LOOKS so clean?

  16. How they never wash their undies and can actually wear it for more days.

  17. How they can seem so interested in you one day and want nothing to do with you the next.

  18. Why do men spend so much time in the bathroom?

  19. How they turn into completely different human being when their friends are around.

  20. How they hide the truth that they are very obsessed with hugs and other forms of affection.

  21. How guys can go from fighting and beating each other up and then go right back to being best of friends.

  22. How guys do not seem to talk to each other about the difficult or emotional part of their lives.

  23. Why do guys always spit on the ground? After all, they aren’t pregnant

  24. How they will surely throw their clothes on the floor when there is a perfectly good hamper right beside them.

  25. Why are they always feeling so apprehensive about feminine products?

  26. How you can send guys a message with 2+ parts, but they will always respond to the least important one.

  27. How they can want and boast for everything that comes with a relationship but don’t actually want a relationship.

  28. Why men are so persistent, even if you say you are not interested in anything (or are married).

  29. How they can actually make friends with absolutely nobody.

  30. How guys can not seem to remember anything from what you say, even if it is just one sentence.

 This list is full of so much generalizations by men and is meant to be funny, not to be taken seriously! LOL


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