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The 10 Thought-Provoking Quotes About Social Media Addiction You Haven’t Read in The Past

Social media first started out as just a platform where people had fun and connected with each other. These days, its detrimental effects are coming to light more than ever before. Social media addiction is real whether you’d want to admit it or not.

Several studies show that a large percentage of people around the world are addicted to social media platforms such as Facebook and the likes.

If you find yourself constantly checking social media without giving time to more important things in your life, then you may want to evaluate whether you have a social media addiction or not. Here are 10 thought-provoking quotes that will help you dig deeper.

1. “The word ‘friend’ has become so utterly void of meaning in a world governed by social media. How can anyone truly claim to have eleven hundred friends. In my book that would involve making time to meet at least three of them every day of the year.” – Alex Morritt

2. As far as self-confidence goes, so much of social media is about approval, getting likes, comparing our lives to others’ – meanwhile, confidence is an inside job: it’s about how you feel about yourself regardless of what anyone else does or thinks. It’s a knowing that you’re human, you’re flawed, and you’re awesome in your own way. – Jen Sincero

3. Your morning sets up the success of your day. So many people wake up and immediately check text messages, emails, and social media. I use my first hour awake for my morning routine of breakfast and meditation to prepare myself. –  Caroline Ghosn

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4. It’s so funny how social media was just this fun thing, and now it’s this monster that consumes so many millennial lives. – Cazzie David

5. I am pain-stricken to say, that today’s so-called modern humans are all like the dogs in Pavlov’s experiment. Pavlov used a bell to manipulate the mind of his dogs, and today, social media platforms are using people’s own beloved smartphones to manipulate them. ― Abhijit Naskar

6. What social-media really becomes after years of use is a constant stream of information both verbal and visual that at first drenches the mind, quenching its thirst for knowledge, and subduing its curiosity slowly but surly transforms into a torrent that renders the brain heavy and the mind restless. ― Aysha Taryam

7. Turn off all notifications on your phone, except the most important ones. And check your social media only once or twice a day, not every minute. If you can do this, then perhaps there is a possibility, that society will not completely lose its sanity and health after all. ― Abhijit Naskar

8. Social media websites are no longer performing an envisaged function of creating a positive communication link among friends, family and professionals. It is a veritable battleground, where insults fly from the human quiver, damaging lives, destroying self-esteem and a person’s sense of self-worth. – Anthony Carmona

9. How can we be free when we are prisoners to social media, in a world without privacy? How can we be free when our every movement is tracked and every conversation is recorded and can easily be held against us? How exactly are we free if we are tethered to our cell phones? – Tom Green

10. It’s fine to have social media that connects us with old friends, but we need tools that help us discover new people as well. – Ethan Zuckerman

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