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Thailand: The Go-To Country For Your Next Vacation

Thailand: The Go-To Country For Your Next Vacation

Thailand happens to be one of the top Asian countries tourists from all over the world want to visit these days. Why won’t they? It is exotic, has a very rich culture and is quite accommodating.

Many who have visited the acclaimed “Land of Smiles” have had only good things to say about it. Here are some reasons why you too should consider making Thailand your next travel destination

Excellent Cuisine

Thai food has gained recognition worldwide perhaps even more than Chinese food due to its rich unique flavours and the fact that there are just so many delicacies to choose from. Gai yang(Grilled Chicken), Somtam(Papaya Salad), Chicken rice/Pork rice with Holy Basil, Pad Thai Noodles, cold sweet Thai Tea, Fried rice, the delicious Isaan food (Southern Thai food) and Tom Yang Koong are just some of the mouth-watering dishes on the menus in Thai restaurants.

Friendly and Welcoming locals

Thai locals are known for their hospitable and welcoming nature. As long as you are courteous and friendly, they will warm up to you and enhance your overall experience.

Buzzing Nightlife

Tourists get to experience the amazing nightlife culture that aptly defines Thailand. Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, and Koh Samui are home to some of the best nightclubs, bars, street markets, and massage houses. One place notable for the entertainment it offers is Walking Street which is located in Pattaya. Walking Street is the ultimate allure because of the beautiful women, go-go bars, music venues, night clubs and hotels it has to offer.

Beautiful Landscape

Thailand has some of the best beaches, islands, and jungles in Asia. When you visit cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Chaing Rai, you get to get to appreciate the beautiful landscape that is typical of the Thai nation.

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Alongside its nightlife culture, Thailand is also famous for its countless malls and street shops where you find virtually everything you’re looking for. You also won’t want to miss the floating markets that provide awesome local produce.

Pleasant Weather

Thailand has a humid and tropical climate, making it a place you can visit any time of the year.

Professional Tour Guides

Of course, you may want a guide if you need assistance navigating the cities of Thailand. This is why there are several tour guides who would be willing to be at your service. Their charges are not too pricey and open to negotiation.

Recreational Activities

Scuba diving, jet-skiing, banana rides, parasailing, and underwater sea walks are just some of the fun activities you can partake in if you’re feeling adventurous.

Thai Massage Palours

Yeah, now you know where to go to get that relaxing body massage you’ve been looking forward to. You can thank us later!

Magnificent Buddhist Temples

Buddhism is the predominant religion in Thailand and it is deeply ingrained in the country’s architecture and culture. There are various astonishing Buddhist temples you can visit and adore.


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