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TERMITE INFESTATION: How They Can Destroy Your House Quickly


Termites and wood go together like bread and butter Though wood is typically their main source of food, termites can also devour paper, plastic, and drywall. The good news is, it would take one single termite 3,144 years to eat through a 1,000 square foot home. The bad news is, they don’t eat alone, and they always have an entire colony behind them.

Understanding how a termite infestation can destroy your home quickly begins with understanding the conditions and environment under which they survive and thrive.

They Thrive On Moisture

When termite colonies have the right environmental conditions, they can move at higher speeds, causing faster destruction. Colonies that are well supported will survive the longest with plenty of time to live, grow, and reproduce. Hot and humid environments are perfect for giving termites all of the moisture they need to stay alive and eat. When conditions are dry, they can dry out and die. It’s important to remove any standing water sources, such as pools and birdbaths, from around your home to eliminate the water sources that attract them and help them get their work done faster.


They Love The Warmth

As previously mentioned, termites love humidity, but they really love the heat that comes along with it. They can survive in a variety of temperatures, even as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but the warmth is what they enjoy the most. Their activity typically slows during the cooler fall and winter months, or in colder areas of the country, but when the heat comes, they get busy. In southern states that have mild temperatures year round, termites have an extended period of time to work fast and cause destruction. It is important to be vigilant during the warm months of the year so you can catch an infestation early on.

The Colony Matures

It can take a quite a bit of time for a new colony to grow and reach full strength. The king and queen of the termite colony must reproduce many times before the colony can grow into its full potential. An existing colony can still do incredible amounts of damage in a short period. While a new colony has nearly 100,000 worker termites ready to eat, an older colony can have up to 2 million termites. When 2 million termites work together to tear through all of the wood and edible structures in your home, it can cause significant damage, totally destroying the home in a couple of years.

Termites do not care where they infest, as long as they have the right conditions to do so; any building, home, or office is fair game. Not only do they eat through structures at an alarming rate, but they also eat through personal savings just as fast. t’s important to be sure that any infestations are spotted and taken care of as soon as possible.


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