Tennis King: 7 Interesting Facts About Roger Federer

Over the weekend, Tennis Champion, Roger Federer bulldozed his Way to win the Dubai Tennis Championship in Dubai. Already the most successful tennis player ever in terms of titles won, Federer set a landmark for himself as he claimed his 100th career title. And he did it in style, getting revenge on youngster Stefanos Tsitsipas at the men’s final game – Tsitsipas had knocked him out of the Australian Open earlier this year.

In winning his 100 title, the Swiss national has reminded the fans in a stunning fashion why he is the tennis player with the highest grand slam trophies in the world. Even though he has been in the game for over two decades, Federer incredibly has showed no signs of slowing down! I could go on and on about this champion, but first, let me tell you some interesting facts about him:

  1. He is Part African

Yes, it’s true. Roger Federer was born on 8 August, 1981 to a Swiss father and a South African mother in Basel, Switzerland. He also holds both Swiss and South African citizenship.

  1. He doesn’t Retire

In his 20 years as a professional tennis player, Federer has never retired mid-match. Talk about a “Winners never quit” mentality.

  1. He has his own stamps

In 2007, Federer became the first Swiss alive to be put on a national stamp. He achieved the same feat in 2010, in Austria, and in 2012 in Malawi.

  1. He has cows

No really, he does. After winning his first Wimbledon title in 2003, Federer was gifted with a cow named ‘Juliette’. Apparently, Juliette had a calf which Roger named ‘Edelweiss’ but unfortunately, Juliette was put down for not producing enough milk. Then 10 years after that, in 2013, Federer was again presented a second cow named ‘Desiree’ by the same tournament.

  1. He speaks 4 languages

Federer is multilingual and can speak French, Swiss German, German and English.

  1. He has his own street

There is a street named after the tennis champion in his home country. The road leading to where he trained as a junior was renamed in 2016 to “Allee Roger Federer”.

  1. He is a philantrophist

Federer is the richest tennis player in the world. And he doesn’t just use all his money to get the fancy cars and clothes, he gives. Federer launched a foundation to help disadvantaged children in South Africa and other parts of the world in 2003, auctioned his U.S Open-winning racquet to support Hurricane Katrina victims in 2005 and was named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2006.

Bonus: He was born on 8/8/81, so he believes the number 8 is his lucky number. He loves rock music and was once named the sexiest sportsman in the world.



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