Ten Cute Ways To Tell A Man You Love Him

There are several ways to tell a man that you love him. Telling a man that you love him would make him know how much you feel as well as care about him too. Using flirty phrases may do so too. Below are ten different ways to do that in order tell express your feelings to him.


1. “Hey there, handsome.”

People commonly greet him with the phrase “Hello”, so using such a word to greet him would only sound normal to him. You should probably try to greet him with flirty phrases so as to make him know how exactly you feel about him.


2. “I love you like a fat kid loves cake.”

Most men loves to be told the three magical words “I Love You”. Telling a man that you love him would definitely plaster a smile on his face and make him feel loved. You should try to tell him the three magical words constantly.


3. “Hey, guess what? I love you.”

Starting with a question will surely make him curious as to what you are about to tell him. He would be really anxious to know. At that instance, tell him the three magical words. Those words would catch him unexpectedly but he will feel loved.


4. “I had the best dream about you. I’ll show you later.”

This sentence will make him feel important for the fact that you think about him often. He would feel that you really care about him to the extent of dreaming about him.

5. “My friends are jealous of my awesome boyfriend.”

Of course everyone loves to be admired. Who wouldn’t even want to hear that often? You should let him know how you feel about his looks, clothing, hairstyle, etc as well how you brag about him and how people commend him too. This would make him feel important.


6. “Go away so I can miss you.”

If you go out on a date with him, make sure you speak to him with kind words. Whenever you both intend to depart, don’t forget to end the date with beautiful words such as I love you. This will make him feel that you think about him in his absence.


7. “You must be a thief because you stole my heart.”

This may sound a little absurd or weird but it really tells him how you feel about him. Regardless of how it may sound, it tells how much you adore him. So don’t feel shy to tell him that.


8. “I love it when you wear that shirt.”

Most guys impose a lot of efforts into their dressing, but despite that, some get commended while some do not. So try to appreciate his efforts and make him feel noticed as well as being loved.


9. “You were the first thing I thought about this morning.”

You should let him know how often you think and care about him as well. Tell him this and remind him of it constantly.


10. “Go be awesome today. I know you will.”

Tell him this on a normal day, don’t save it for special occasions alone. You should let him know how much you believe in him and how you wish for him to succeed in whatever he does.


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