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Stylish women have these 8 secrete habits that are unnoticed. You should jump on them very quickly

Stylish women, am I right?

Stylish women have these 8 secrete habits that are unnoticed. You should jump on them very quickly

Have you ever met a woman who always looks well put together? One who seems to always look trendy and stylish while you use one hour and 19 seconds just to decide what to wear. Then, when you finally pick the outfit that you think is perfect, you still don’t like the way you look. Well have no fear, this post is going to help you break down the 8 fashion habits of stylish women for you.

No need to envy that your well put together friend when you can become that friend yourself.

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  • Find The Perfect Fit: This cannot be overemphasized. Outfits that are the perfect fit just have a life of their own. We know this sounds pretty basic, but tons of women seem to skip this step.  It’s important that your clothes fit you properly for the style you’re going for.
  • Sticking with The Basics: When you hear basics, you are probably thinking boring but wait first, hear us out. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having trendy clothing or loud pieces of clothing in your closest but we have found out that more and more women who are considered fashionistas always have the basics on point. It’s usually best to get a couple of go-to outfits that you can always spice up with accessories or statement pieces.
  • Wearing Lovely Heels: We are not saying wear heels every day unless of course, you have some great looking calves which you need to flaunt.  It can be tiring and you can switch the heels sometimes for some stylish flats. The point is do not always reach for your most comfortable pair of shoes or wear your favourite flip flops all the time.
  • Closet Purging: YOU NEED TO LET GO OF OLD CLOTHING. You should clear these items out of your closet immediately especially if you don’t wear a lot of these items. Do yourself a favour and drop off or give out those very lovely but space-consuming clothes.
  • Picking What to Wear The Night Before: To avoid rushing around, trying to get ready and then stressing about what you are going to wear, it will make more sense to get your outfit the night before. It really helps especially when you are rushing in the morning. It even saves you enough time to put your makeup on at home instead of on the way to work or at work.
  • Be Wrinkle Free: For the love of everything smooth, please do not wear wrinkled clothes. It seems like it wouldn’t be something you see too often now-a-days, but there are a lot of wrinkled jeans and tees been displayed during the day. If you need a quick and easy way to make sure your clothes are always wrinkle-free.


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