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Style Mistakes That Turn Women Off

Style Mistakes That Turn Women Off

Someone once asked me what my dream job would be apart from what i am doing. I responded with, “I wish I could just make people look better.” When people wanted the truth about how they looked, they asked me. Then I would give them suggestions on how and what to fix.

So please don’t take what I am about to say personally: a lot of guys could seriously benefit from some style advice that will dramatically improve their luck with the opposite sex.

With that in mind, here are the five biggest mistakes I see guys making and how to correct them. Read up, make a few changes, then watch the women flock your way.

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1. Bad Shirts

Some men have a hard time spending money on clothing versus activities. But faded clothes age you. Toss your faded black shirts and discolored whites. Kill the sports attire and the free promo gear you get from work. Don’t wear TapOut, Affliction, tattooed clothing, neon colors or tanktops. Instead, invest in some sharp polos, button-downs, and plaids.

T-shirt-wise, if you’re under 25, shirts with funny or ironic phrases are OK. Otherwise, opt for cool graphic Ts. They show you actually think about what you put on, as opposed to looking like you went shopping in the Lost and Found.

2. Tucked-in Shirts

It’s OK, untuck your t-shirt. Of course, in a business setting your collared shirt needs to be tucked in, but when you are relaxing, leave your shirts untucked. For the most part older men tuck in their T-shirts, and the point is to look young and hot so the ladies notice you. When you have to tuck in a shirt or have belt loops, a belt is key.

You need a work belt and a casual belt.

3. Ill-fitting Pants

If your pant pockets poke out, your pants are too tight. This happens on flat front pants in which pockets aren’t cut right. If you are taller than 6’2”, most likely you are a Large Tall. Did you even know a tall size existed? The average store does not carry this size and the ones that do have pretty ugly stuff.

If you must wear pleated pants, try a reverse pleat. It’s a smaller pleat that’s a happy medium. It sometimes takes time and money to look good. Yes, if you are physically fit the Levis will look great on you. Otherwise, spend on the designer denim that makes your butt appealing to the opposite sex.

4. Cruddy Shoes

Shining your dress shoes makes you look more professional and put together while extending their life. With sneakers, in general, your shoes should look new. If the white on your shoes are brown, it’s time for them to go, along with super dirty shoelaces. Usually, the arch support gives out before the shoe visually is done.

If your casual tennis shoes are also your yard shoes, it’s time to get a new pair. Adidas, Asics, and Vans all make stylish yet functional options for replacing them.

5. Tight Whiteys

Underwear is a personal preference, but if there’s a chance that a lady is going to see them (and you should always believe there’s a chance), know that the average women under 35 do not find briefs sexy.

Boxers are OK, but make the jump to boxer briefs for the comfort of a boxer combined with the support of a brief. They might run you some money to get, but a comfortable/soft cotton pair by Polo Ralph Lauren or Armani or New Balance (yes, New Balance), will make all the difference.


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